15 Weird And Interesting Facts About Farts

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Picture 15 Weird And Interesting Facts About Farts

Farts in private: Oh, so relaxing. Farts in public: Oops, embarrassing! Earlier farts used to be the butt of all jokes, but now scientists are becoming serious about this topic. That’s because nature hasn’t reserved farts only for humans, rather animals and even fishes fart too. Science has become so serious about farts that scientists have created a twitter hashtag #DoesItFart along with a Google spreadsheet of details containing flatulence habits of more than sixty animals! Here are 15 Weird And Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Farts.

1 The word “fart” is one of the oldest words in the English vocabulary.

Image source: en.wikipedia.org

Fart may seem like a modern slang word but it has existed since time immemorial. The immediate root of the word “Fart” is in the Middle English words ferten, feortan and farten which are quite similar to the Old High German word ferzan. Its cognates are found in Old Norse, Slavic, Greek and Sanskrit. (1,2)

2 Chimpanzees fart so loudly and frequently that occasionally scientists locate them in the forest by following their farts.

Chimpanzees fart
Image Source: www.pbs.org

Gas produced by chimpanzees primarily depend on their diet. A diet of fruit produces smellier farts than leaves. Figs produce the worst smelling farts. Often these audible farts are useful for researchers to pinpoint their location in the wild. According to Adriana Lowe, a researcher of biological anthropology at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom, some of the Chimpanzees have very long, air-being-released-from-a-balloon quality farts. Locating Chimps by the aid of such farts becomes an easy task.(source)


3 A pill called “Father Christmas” can make your farts smell like chocolate!

Fart pill
Image Source: 1,2

Hate fart smells? Fret not. A French inventor, Christian Poincheval, has found the perfect solution for smelly farts: a fart pill called “Father Christmas”. After ingestion, the Father Christmas pill will emit sweet chocolate-like smelling farts instead of the usual malodorous gas.

According to Poincheval, the idea for fart pills came from an embarrassing situation after a night out with friends. During the meal, they could not control their farts and their gas was so smelly that they nearly suffocated. This incident gave him the idea and he started researching and experimenting with natural ingredients. Finally, he zeroed in on a recipe and started selling the Father Christmas pills online. (1,2)

4 Farts in shower smell worse because our nose works better in high heat and humidity.

Facts You Never Knew About Farts
Image Source: www.ecowatch.com

Normally when we fart, the odor gets filtered through the layers of our garment. But in a shower, there is no such resistance. So, the gas immediately enters the surrounding and smells worse.

The second reason of the intensified smell is the warmth. Warm shower water maximizes the intensity of the stinky farts. (source)


5 There are pads you can wear in your underwear to make your farts not stink.

Fart pants
Image Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

Stinky farts are uncomfortable for everyone. Sometimes we can control them but at other times, such as during digestive disorder, farts are hard to control. If you or your friends suffer from such problem then there are special pads available through which you can control the smell. These pads contain either activated charcoal or other compositions which curb the stinky smell. These pads are specifically designed to be worn with boxer shorts, panties, briefs and even pantyhose. (1,2)

6 Farts and burps of cows are quite damaging to the environment because their farts contain a high percentage of methane gas which is eighty-four times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Each cow releases 200-400 pounds of methane gas a year through flatulence. French company Valorex SAS is encouraging farmers to feed cows alfalfa and flaxseed to reduce the methane release by as much as 25%.

Cow fart
Image Source: www.businessinsider.in

The silent curd chewing cows are the source of 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions!

Surprising, isn’t it? The main culprits are the farts and burps of cows. Cows release a significant amount of methane gas through their burps and farts. Carbon dioxide is the primary cause of global warming yet methane gas is eighty-four times more powerful in trapping heat in the atmosphere.

In order to reduce the methane emission, companies like Valorex SAS are making feed additives. These feed additives will reduce the production of methane in cow’s guts, thereby reducing their methane emissions. (1,2,3)


7 Human poop and farts get their foul smell primarily from the chemical compounds skatole and indole. These compounds smell flowery at low composition and are used in perfumes. The USA and Israel have used skatole in crowd control sprays and the stench does not wash off the skin for three days.

Fart smell
Image Source: 1,2

The benzo pyrrole volatiles indole and sakotale are the chemical compounds causing the nasty smell of human poop and farts. They occur naturally in human guts. Due to their unbearably unpleasant odor, they are used in making stink bombs for crowd control. The odor of these smelly compounds changes once its concentration is lowered. At a very low concentration, it has a flowery smell and is a natural constituent of flowers such as orange blossoms. It is even used in making perfumes. (1,2,3)

8 Some people in China are professional fart smellers and earn $50,000 a year smelling farts.

professional fart smellers
Image Source: www.thecrazyfacts.com

It may seem disgusting, but there exist people who are professional fart smellers. This job is in demand in China due to their unique medical beliefs. According to traditional Chinese medical professionals, the flatulence of each person has particular nuance such as savory, sweet, bitter, fishy and others. A trained fart smeller can detect these undertones and detect a disease according to the smell. In China being a fart smeller is rather an exclusive job because only people of age eighteen to forty-five are licensed to do this job. Also, the person must be free of any nasal impairment or disease and refrain from all smoking and alcohol. (source)

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Picture 15 Weird And Interesting Facts About Farts
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