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15 Weird And Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Farts

6. Farts and burps of cows are quite damaging to the environment because their farts contain a high percentage of methane gas which is eighty-four times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Each cow releases 200-400 pounds of methane gas a year through flatulence. French company Valorex SAS is encouraging farmers to feed cows alfalfa and flaxseed to reduce the methane release by as much as 25%.

Cow fart
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The silent curd chewing cows are the source of 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions!

Surprising, isn’t it? The main culprits are the farts and burps of cows. Cows release a significant amount of methane gas through their burps and farts. Carbon dioxide is the primary cause of global warming yet methane gas is eighty-four times more powerful in trapping heat in the atmosphere.

In order to reduce the methane emission, companies like Valorex SAS are making feed additives. These feed additives will reduce the production of methane in cow’s guts, thereby reducing their methane emissions.(1,2,3)

7. Human poop and farts get their foul smell primarily from the chemical compounds skatole and indole. These compounds smell flowery at low composition and are used in perfumes. The USA and Israel have used skatole in crowd control sprays and the stench does not wash off the skin for three days.

Fart smell
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The benzo pyrrole volatiles indole and sakotale are the chemical compounds causing the nasty smell of human poop and farts. They occur naturally in human guts. Due to their unbearably unpleasant odor, they are used in making stink bombs for crowd control. The odor of these smelly compounds changes once its concentration is lowered. At a very low concentration, it has a flowery smell and is a natural constituent of flowers such as orange blossoms. It is even used in making perfumes.(1,2,3)

8. Some people in China are professional fart smellers and earn $50,000 a year smelling farts.

professional fart smellers
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It may seem disgusting, but there exist people who are professional fart smellers. This job is in demand in China due to their unique medical beliefs. According to traditional Chinese medical professionals, the flatulence of each person has particular nuance such as savory, sweet, bitter, fishy and others. A trained fart smeller can detect these undertones and detect a disease according to the smell. In China being a fart smeller is rather an exclusive job because only people of age eighteen to forty-five are licensed to do this job. Also, the person must be free of any nasal impairment or disease and refrain from all smoking and alcohol.(source)


9. The bacterial composition of fart is unique to an individual, just like our fingerprints. That’s why you aren’t bothered by your own but are nauseated by the farts of others.

Fart stink
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We all have noticed that often our own farts don’t bother us but when someone else’s gas reaches our nose, all hell breaks loose. The reason behind this is that the bacteria producing these smells in our body are completely different and unique from other individuals. So, our nose can recognize when it’s our own smell and when it is someone else’s. Also, it’s a psychological fact that the more familiar you are with something, whether it be a song, picture, or even a smell, the more likely you are to prefer it. So, we don’t feel nauseated by our own fart smell but are appalled by others.(source)

10. Scientists claim that holding in farts during flights is bad for your body and can affect the pilot’s ability to control the plane. The solution suggested is flatulence-absorbing blankets and seats.

Flight fart
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According to a study published in the New Zealand Medical Journal, high altitude air pressure dramatically adds to the build up of farts in our body. In such situation holding in the gas can cause problems in our body. The study also stated that in the pilot’s case it could affect his abilities to control the airplane. A team of British and Danish gastroenterologists recommends that passengers should release gas freely during the flight. During a flight, we sit in close proximity to others so scientists have recommended using flatulence-absorbing blankets and seats on flights.(source)


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