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How it all started…

The year was 2012 when websites like this were still few and far between. Gourav, an engineering graduate, founded the Unbelievable Facts Facebook page just as a hobby to share his interests with the world, and the world responded just as enthusiastically!

Within just two years, UNB built a family of 3 million fans, and it was just the beginning. The same year, the Facebook page had 5 million followers. By 2016, our family grew to include 7 million fans.

In 2020, we stand with 8.5 million followers on Facebook, and we are growing every day.

Meet the Team Behind UNB

A family of like-minded creators, our team is one of our biggest assets. Each member is an integral part of the system that keeps our website and social media channels running with daily updates and fresh content.

Picture Gourav GolaGourav Gola


A curious soul since childhood, Gourav has always wanted to learn about things around him. He has finally found his passion - handling and researching content for Unbelievable Facts.

Picture Bill SmartBill Smart


Our editor, Bill Smart, is an author of eight books. He has edited and helped to publish close to 100 books for clients.

Picture Athena ManchiAthena Manchi


A freelance content writer, Athena loves to write about the world, science, technology, history, and anything interesting. She is a voracious reader, watches movies and TV shows (a lot), and indulges in sporadic gaming.

Picture Sayali RathodSayali Rathod

Social Media Manager

A social media enthusiast, Sayali is a key driving force behind UNB's ever-growing presence on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Picture Rinku BhattacharjeeRinku Bhattacharjee


Rinku became a content writer by accident but ended up loving it. Over the last nine years, she has written hundreds of articles and several eBooks for clients from around the world. With UNB, she can now explore the best stories that the Internet has to offer.

Picture Shweta AnandShweta Anand


Shweta is a freelance writer and postgraduate in English Literature who loves to read and sketch in her free time. In the past few years, she has written numerous articles, blogs and ad copies for clients from diverse backgrounds. But occasionally, you may also catch her daydreaming over a cup of coffee.