20 Smart Logos That have A Hidden Message

by Mohammed Hidhayat9 years ago
Picture 20 Smart Logos That have A Hidden Message

Each logo needs a unique identity and send a clear message, the following logos have done that brilliantly. The sheer amount of vision and mind numbing work designers showcase is simply awe-inspiring. We see logos everyday on the net and as we travel to places, and almost every logo is easily recognized. But have you ever thought about the hidden message in them? Have you stopped, stared at a logo and witnessed an incredible revelation? Well, here are 20 popular logos with hidden messages you never knew  or maybe got it wrong.

1 Sony Vaio

Sony Vaio Logo
Image courtesy: www.sony.co.in

We know Sony’s got style and their product commercials are stunningly extravagant but how many can explain the hidden meaning in Sony Vaio logo. While the logo is a perfect example of modern typography, look closer and you can see that it is actually made of two parts. The wave like pattern ‘VA’ is actually a sine wave which is the basic representation of an analog signal. The ‘IO’ that appears behind sharply resembles the binary number system 1 and 0. The VAIO logo symbolizes the merging of analog and digital technology.(source)

2 Wendy’s

Wendy's logo
Image courtesy: www.wendys.com

This logo was unveiled in 2013 replacing the motif introduced back in 1983. This is not hard to find. Just look at the collar and spell the three letter word which is all about love, affection and food. “MOM” is the word and Wendy’s is branding itself as a safe, home-made mom cooked eatery. Although customers have accepted this sentimental message associated with the logo, Wendy’s has communicated at one point that ‘it was unintentional’.(source)

3 Coca Cola

Coca Cola Logo
Image courtesy: www.coca-cola.co.uk

It was a process of self-discovery when Coca Cola found out it had a strange connection with Denmark. Apparently, a part of the famous logo seemed to signify the Danish flag. Still can’t believe? Focus on the second half of the logo at the alphabet ‘o’ of ‘Cola’. This revelation was happily embraced and Coca Cola pulled off a publicity stunt at Denmark’s largest airport.(source)

4 FedEx

Fedex logo
Image courtesy: www.fedex.com

FedEx logo explains the smart use of negative white space in logo designs. What’s so special about this one – is it the two shades of color or the bold capitalized ‘FE’.  Just keep looking at the letter ‘E’ and ‘X’ and you get the image of an arrow in the space. The arrow creates an image of a proficient company speaking about its delivery accuracy and looking forward to a positive future.(source)


5 LG

LG Logo
Image courtesy: www.lg.com

If you see the gif image, you’ll understand how cool the logo is . One of the main reasons the logo uses red color is that it represents friendship and attracts consumers. The circle consisting of L and G denotes the world and functional technology while the smiling face expresses commitment and customer satisfaction.(source)

6 Adidas

Adidas Logo
Image courtesy: www.adidas.com

One of the world’s most popular sports brand slanted a previous piece of their old logo and came up with the above design. The original ‘ three stripes ‘ logo used in 1967 was blatantly horizontal with no message to impart. Whereas this tilted version logo symbolizes a mountain referring to challenges and obstacles and the need to overcome them in life. This meaning fits well given that Adidas has a major stake in selling shoes for athletes.(source)

7 Amazon

Amazon.com logo
Image courtesy: www.amazon.com

Almost everyone can point to the yellow smiley  which obviously speaks about customer satisfaction. But the main idea is to represent Amazon as the ultimate shopping destination with access to every product hence the smiley extends from a to z. (source)

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Picture 20 Smart Logos That have A Hidden Message
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