10 Important Skills that Can Be Learned in just 10 Minutes!

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Picture 10 Important Skills that Can Be Learned in just 10 Minutes!

The majority of the problems in life can be rectified by following certain tips and tricks, whereas others require experience and knowledge gained over the years. In today’s scenarios, everything is fast paced and you will be surprised to learn that certain abilities can be learned in under a few minutes. These abilities can save a lot of time and also your life when you are in the face of danger. Thanks to a thought-provoking question asked by a user on AskReddit, here is a list of ten of the most important skills that can be learned in just ten minutes.

1 Basic search techniques: It is crazy to discover how much more efficient Google can be when you know how to use it efficiently.

Basic Google Search Techniques
Image credits: Pixabay

Save time by optimizing your search results by using symbols. Yes, you heard it right! The Google interface consists of useful tricks to obtain precise results. One can affix the “@” symbol before a word to search social media such as @Facebook. Use the “#” symbol in front of a word to search for hashtags such as #TGIF.

Search for multiple queries by combining words using the “OR” symbol between them, i.e. “car OR bike.” To obtain accurate search results, you can include or exclude keywords by using the “+” and “-” symbols, i.e, “+ dog” or “- cat.” For exact matching results. specify a word or a phrase within quotes, i.e. “red roses.” You can customize your search by searching a specific site or domain by adding “site:” in front of the domain. i.e. “site: YouTube.”

To obtain information about the site you are searching, affix the keyword “related:” before the site address, i.e. “info: www.yahoo.com.” If the web page cannot be accessed due to a connectivity issue, affix keyword “cache:” before the site address to display a cached version of the site. i.e.”cache: www.yahoo.com.” (1, 2)

2 Changing a tire: this life-changing skill can save you during a roadside emergency without requiring any assistance.

Every driver must know how to change a tire. This life skill can come very handy when you are stuck with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Assistance might not be available always when you have a flat tire. You can heave a sigh of relief since changing a tire is an easy task. The basic items that you would need to change a tire are a jack, a lug wrench, a fully inflated spare tire, and the owner’s manual. These tools are usually concealed in the boot space of your car.

Once you realize that you have a flat tire, reduce the speed of your vehicle and halt at a safe location such as a parking spot or in a service lane. Make sure to park the car on even ground. Once the vehicle is parked safely, turn on the hazard lights to indicate your presence to other drivers. Remember to apply the parking brakes when you are replacing the tire to avoid the vehicle from moving. As a precautionary measure, you can also place the wheel edges in front of the tire while changing the rear tire. Place the wheel wedges behind the tire if you are changing the front tire.

Proceed to remove the wheel cover and the lug nuts in a counterclockwise direction to loosen. Place the wheel jack under the vehicle frame to safely lift the vehicle. You can also refer to the owner’s manual for placement details. Once the jack is placed strategically, start raising the vehicle and place a small cube of 2″ x 6” wood underneath the jack to prevent it from buckling. Once the vehicle is lifted, change the tire and tighten the lug nuts. Finally, lower the car and check the tire pressure in the spare tire as a safety measure. If the pressure is low head to the nearest service station. (source)


3 Photo Manipulation: Remove tourists from perfect vacation photos like a pro at home using Photoshop.

Are tourists crowding your perfect vacation photos and you want to remove them? Use Photoshop to remove unwanted tourists from your vacation photos by using the Image Stack Mode. The mode applies a median algorithm for identifying identical areas and to remove unwanted details.

Choose an image from which you want the tourists to be removed and import it to Photoshop. The image should be in the form of a series to ensure accurate removal. Open the images in Photoshop by choosing the File > Scripts > Statistics. Once the pictures are loaded, choose the “Median” option from the dropdown menu. From the menu select the desired pictures and wait for Photoshop to work its magic. Photoshop discovers what’s wrong in the image by using the median algorithm and rectifies it by removing the tourists.

Moving objects such as cars and people tend to change their location in each image. This makes it easier for the algorithm to remove the moving object while retaining the background image. (1, 2)

4 Identify a stroke: Use the FAST method to save a life and to reduce long-term disabilities.

Image credits: Quinn Dombrowski/flickr

A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is cut off. However, one can successfully avert a stroke attack by acquiring timely medical assistance. Stroke can be identified by recognizing the symptoms using the FAST method. These symptoms are based on how much brain tissue has been deprived of blood supply.

FAST is an acronym put forth by the American Stroke Association to identify stroke symptoms. “F” stands for “face drooping.” It can be noticed on one side of the face. Ask the person to smile and check for face droopiness on one side. “A” stands for “arm weakness.” Ask the person to lift their arms and check for weakness. Find out whether one side of the arm is drifting downwards. “S” stands for “speech.” Ask the person to repeat a simple phrase. Check whether their speech is slurred or if they have difficulty talking. “T” stands for “time.” If you observe the above-mentioned signs, call 9-1-1 or seek immediate medical help. (1, 2)


5 Packing a suitcase: Pack like a pro and travel light by comfortably fitting everything within your suitcase.

Packing your suitcase for a trip can be quiet stressful since many of us like to pack extra items. Learn to pack a suitcase like a pro by following certain tips and tricks. Before you start packing, choose the right luggage for packing. Modern suitcases come equipped with numerous compartments making it easier to pack. Moreover, several companies manufacture plastic compression bags that remove air from folded clothes. These bags also allow you to accommodate more clothes in a limited space.

Once you have zeroed in on the suitcase, sort necessary clothes for packing. Follow a simple “1-2-3-4-5-6 rule” while packing your clothes. For a week-long trip, you can pack 1 hat, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, 5 pairs of socks, and 6 sets of undergarments. You are free to modify the list as per your requirements.

Assemble your clothes by pushing the heavier ones to the bottom. Save space by rolling up your casual clothes such as socks, pajamas, and t-shirts to make space. Wrap delicate items such as watches inside a sock or under a towel. Remember to carry only essential things while traveling and refrain from keeping items such as wallets and mobiles within the suitcase. (1, 2)

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Picture 10 Important Skills that Can Be Learned in just 10 Minutes!
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