Discovered: A giant mysterious spherical rock that belongs to an ancient civilization in Bosnia

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Picture Discovered: A giant mysterious spherical rock that belongs to an ancient civilization in Bosnia

A rock discovered in a forest near Zavidovici, Bosnia could be the oldest man-made spherical artifact claims archaeologist Dr. Semir Osmanagic.

A ball-shaped rock with a radius of between four and five feet has been found in a forest near the Bosnian town of Zavidovici by archaeologist Dr. Semir Osmanagic. 

Stone sphere Ball
Giant stone sphere Ball.

Estimating it to be about 1500 years old, the Bosnian archaeologist says that this spherical rock could be the oldest stone spheres ever made by human hands. Dr. Osmanagic believes that the sphere proves the existence of an advanced civilization in the Balkans and that the current historians have no written proof of the same.

Dr. Osmanagic unequivocally states that the rock is high in iron content. 

The archaeologist studied stone spheres for 15 years. His research led him to Southern Costa Rica, Easter Island and Western Mexico. He then turned his attention towards Bosnia.

Dr. Semir Osmanagic claims that he and his team have discovered 20 spheres in that region. His fellow researcher Dr. Sam Osmanagich further states that many of those spheres were destroyed by humans in 1970s following rumors of gold hidden inside the spheres. Locals moved the other spheres to their backyard.

Though the spherical rock has not been tested, Semir says that the coloration of the ball indicates high levels of iron. If it indeed turns out to be high in iron, the 3.5m sphere would be the heaviest in the world weighing about 40,000 kilos.


Dr. Semir Osmanagic known as the ‘Bosnian Indiana Jones’, is supported by the Bosnian Government.

Dubbed ‘Bosnian Indiana Jones’, Dr. Semir Osmanagic achieved a certain amount of notoriety when he averred that a cluster of hills in Visoko Valley, Bosnia was the site of ancient pyramids interlinked by a network of underground tunnels. While his exposition was greeted with thinly veiled derision by other archaeologists, the Bosnian government under the Prime Minister, Nedzad Brankovic, provided full support and offered financial backing enabling the excavations.

In 2016, critics once again challenge Dr. Osmanagic’s claim. They dismiss his claims about the oldest man-made rock.

2016 is proving to be no different from 2005 for Dr. Osmanagic with critics pointing out flaws in his grand claims. Mandy Edwards of School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Science at The University of Manchester says that the ball might not be man-made at all and could have been formed by the ‘precipitation of natural mineral cement within the spaces between sediment grains’ – a process known as concretion.
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Picture Discovered: A giant mysterious spherical rock that belongs to an ancient civilization in Bosnia
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