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A female fan that almost had herself, mailed to the Beatles in the 1960’s

When you feel wonders shall never end, dig deep into literary archives and you would find out that the end is not so close. Most times, you hear about celebrity fans doing their very best to get in touch or a get a feel of their favourite celebrities, everyone wants to know what is happening with Beyonce and Jay-Z, how the Kardashian’s are living their lives, or what Justin Bieber is up to, among other thing, but who would have taught that 51 years ago, a British female almost tried to do the unthinkable in the act of mailing herself to the popular music group of the time, the Beatles.

In the early 1960’s, during the height of the Beatles all conquering era, 21 years old Carol Dryden, from Sunderland England, almost got herself suffocated when she tried to send herself via rail in a wooden crate to the boy group. Wrapped in a box marked “Present for the Beatles”, Carol had a friend pay $8.40 freight charge that would take her by rail to the door steps of the Beatles in London.

female fan that almost had herself, mailed to the BeatlesExtreme and creative as her plan was, it met a dead end when without a proper breathing channel (i.e. holes on the crate), she was minutes away from dying out of suffocation, she was later found by a porter on the train. Now, if that is not a die hard, nothing is.



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