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Baby conceived through IVF treatment using a 23 years old sperm making him the world’s oldest baby. Unbelievable!

23 years old sperm

The life of nine-month-old Xavier Powell has been 23 years in the making. The baby was conceived through IVF treatment using a 23 years old sperm making him the world’s oldest baby. The miracle doesn’t end there, he has also made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Alex Powell froze his sperm 23 years ago after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

Alex Powell was a regular teenager, but his world collapsed when he reached the age of 15. At 15, Alex was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a rare cancer of the lymphatic system that weakens the immunity system. The doctors wanted to start chemotherapy immediately.

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A chance meeting with a stranger on a train led Patricia (AlexPowell’s Step-mother) to suggest he deposit and freeze his semen before undergoing chemotherapy.

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Coincidentally, Patricia Powell, Alex Powell’s stepmother met a stranger on the train on the same day Alex was diagnosed with cancer, their conversation influenced Alex Powell’s life in more ways than one. After her conversation with the stranger, a worried Patricia suggested deposit and freezing of Alex’s semen before starting Chemotherapy as she feared that the chemo may cause infertility in young Alex.

Although embarrassed, Alex went with Patricia’s suggestion and stored his sperm in the sperm bank.


35-year-old Alex met and married his wife, Vi in 2012. They were eager to have their own family but discovered that Alex was infertile.

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Alex successfully beat cancer. 20 years after the sperm deposit, Alex Powell, aged 35 met his wife, Vi. They were married in 2012. The much in love couple wanted to start their family immediately . Unfortunately, tests showed that Alex was infertile.

The couple opted for IVF treatment in 2013 and hoped to conceive a baby from the world’s oldest human sperm.


The couple began their IV treatment in late 2013. Alex admits he was nervous and slightly skeptical about the outcome. But to his great joy, Vi became pregnant a year later. She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on June 17,2015.

Speaking in an interview with an Australian News Agency 9News, an elated Alex said, “For me, it’s that sort of feeling in life you want to relive every moment if you can.”

If all goes well, Xavier may find himself as the eldest of the brood. Yes, the Powell’s are planning to have their second baby using the IVF treatment.

Xavier is proof that shows a small action now can change your whole life later.

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