10 Space Conspiracies that Will Never Cease to Exist

by Binupriya Tomy3 years ago
Picture 10 Space Conspiracies that Will Never Cease to Exist

Humans are the most intelligent species on the planet. We also have many unanswered questions around us. Starting from calling the Moon landing a hoax to believing there is a secret lunar base on the Moon, people among us believe in many theories about space. These conspiracy theories about space are mainly rooted in the belief that there is a group of powerful individuals who have access to confidential information about space. These are either wild speculations or educated guesses. Here are some space conspiracies that will never cease to exist.

1 Moon-Landing Hoax

Bill Kaysing, an employee of Rocketdyne, stated that the Moon landing was a hoax conspiracy. He self-published the “We Never Went to the Moon” pamphlet in 1976. Despite the massive volume of evidence, including a Moon rock that weighs 382 kg, a huge following for this theory can still be seen on YouTube channels and Reddit threads 50 years after Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon.

Moon-Landing Hoax
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The theories claim that everything associated with the Apollo Program was staged with the help of other powerful organizations. The theorists believe that NASA faked the first landing to win the space race. 

The conspirators focus heavily on the photos and films taken on the moon. A major claim being NASA choosing to not put out stars in these high-quality photos as astronomers would use them to find out the celestial position and parallax to compare what would have been expected of that particular site. 

While the believers of the conspiracy grow stronger every year, scientists and space historians talk about how complex it would be to fake such a huge project.

There were 400,000 people who worked on the project for over 10 years and 12 men who walked on the Moon. It would have been impossible to keep such a secret that involves such a huge number of people. (Source)


2 The Flat Earth Theory

The Flat Earth Society is named after the conspirators who believe the Earth is flat. Members of this society argue that the horizon is at eye level, and it wouldn’t be that way if the Earth was flat. There has been an alarming rise in the number of people who believe in the theory that Earth is a disc. 

The Flat Earth Theory
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Most of the flat-Earthers are invested in the conspiracy rather than finding a workable model of a flat Earth. They have different models to choose from. Some believe that the Earth’s edges are walls of ice that hold the ocean, and the Sun moves in circles around the North Pole. 

The flat-Earthers are not people who do not believe in science. It is more of a conspiracy mentality and a deeply held belief that looks like a religion but has nothing to do with any religion.

These people also believed chem-trails from airplanes contain chemical and biological agents, which are a basis for the theory that the government controls the weather. Deep critical thinking is often missing with flat-Earthers. (Source)


3 The Lost Cosmonaut

Before Yuri Gagarin, who is believed to be the first cosmonaut to orbit the Earth, there were rumors that the Soviets had launched several test flights which were unsuccessful. The lost-cosmonaut conspiracy theory stemmed from this story that came out after two radio operators released several audios from space that are claimed to have been recorded before the first flight that took humans to space that we know of it today. 

The Lost Cosmonaut
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It is rumored that the Soviets had already sent a man to space on April 7, 1961, five days before the Vostok I mission that took Yuri Gagarin successfully to space and back. People who believe in the story claim that the Soviets decided to hide this mission as it did not go as planned. 

Achille and Giovanni Judica-Cordiglia, two amateur radio operators from Italy, reportedly have audios from an orbiting capsule days before Gagarin went into space. They released four audios from space. One is from May 1960 when a manned spacecraft went off course.

The second is from the same year, which was an SOS Morse code from a troubled spacecraft leaving orbit, and the third one was from a cosmonaut who was suffocating to death. Since these people have died, it has become difficult to discover the truth, and the Russians never responded to these claims. (Source)


4 The Roswell Incident

The Roswell Incident refers to the crash of an unidentified object in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The Army Air Force sent out a press release saying they had discovered a crash site of what seems to be a “flying disc.” The crash site had rubber strips, thick paper, and tinfoil. According to the conspirators, the government quickly turned the story around saying that it was an air balloon from Project Mogul.  

The Roswell Incident
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On June 14, 1947, a ranch owner’s son came across some bright wreckage. The lightweight, metallic-looking fabric was scattered all over his property. After the Army let out the news that they were in the possession of a flying saucer, many conspiracies stemmed out of it.

By the end of the year, mass hysteria had taken over people as many reports about flying-saucer sightings came out, and none of them came with evidence. One theory suggests that the original debris was moved to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and was substituted with weather balloon debris. 

The Army later came out with the statement that the object in the crash site is a weather balloon that the government has been developing as a part of Project Mogul. This was a classified program that sends balloons to the ionosphere hoping to monitor Russian nuclear tests. Roswell became associated with UFOs and aliens years after the statements were made. (Source)


5 Secret Lunar Base

The secret-lunar-base conspiracy revolves around certain claims that astronauts came across a secret lunar base on the Moon. The theory was based on the premise that during the Cold War between Russia and the USA, one or both sides considered using the far side of the Moon to show off their forces. NASA never returning to the Moon increased these speculations over time. 

Secret Lunar Base
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Conspiracy theorists have always been keen on knowing more about the side of the Moon that is not visible from Earth. Wild claims ranging from Nazis having colonized the Moon to the government building a secret lunar base are widely discussed conspiracies. 

A Chinese space agency employee claims that a base is being built by a secret world government. There are also rumors that the Moon landings were stopped for more than 40 years because of alien warnings. 

There have been claims that astronauts who landed there came across a secret base. Some conspiracies state that during the Cold War, in order to show power, countries like Russia set up stations on the dark side of the Moon. NASA says there is no truth in these claims. (Source)

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Picture 10 Space Conspiracies that Will Never Cease to Exist
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