10 Space Conspiracies that Will Never Cease to Exist

by Binupriya Tomy3 years ago

6 The Tunguska Phenomenon

On June 30, 1908, the largest ever recorded asteroid impact occurred in a remote part of Siberia in Russia. People were quick to come up with outlandish explanations saying it was a Chinese missile. A leader of Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party claimed that it was a weapons test by the US. Theories got crazier when a Mayan apocalypse predicted for Dec 21, 2012, was reported seriously by Russian media. 

The Tunguska Phenomenon
The Tunguska Phenomenon. Image credit: Fedor Daryin/The Siberian Times

The Tunguska event was a blast that was a hundred times stronger than the Hiroshima bomb, yet there is no understanding of what caused it. Even after countless investigations about the explosion. This event still remains an enigma of the 20th century. 

Most scientists believe the event was caused by a small comet fragment that exploded in the atmosphere. Conspiracy theories have gone from aliens to a microscopic black hole brushing through the Earth. Some claim it to be a UFO crashing.

Some theories say Nikola Tesla was then experimenting with the wireless transmission which may inadvertently have caused the explosion. It was speculated that Tesla’s death-ray experiment, which focused on individual microscopic particles to produce beams at great distances, was what triggered the event. 

During the weeks that followed, the skies were aglow at night and 80 million trees were felled. There are no impact craters. A century later, there is no consensus on what exactly happened. The Russian Academy of Sciences has reported that this explosion is responsible for solar radiation reaching the Earth’s surface that resulted in global warming. (Source)


7 Planet Nine Theory or Nibiru Cataclysm

Planet Nine, a massive ice giant, is believed to be traveling towards Earth. This finding came out after CalTech researchers, Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin, noticed a shaking up of a couple of objects beyond Pluto. The strange orbits of this unseen planet have been mapped and some believe that the Cassini mission is facing anomalies due to the presence of this planet. 

Planet Nine Theory or Nibiru Cataclysm
The hypothetical planet nine. Image is used for representational purposes only. Image credit: Shutterstock

Planet Nine is said to be four times larger than Earth. This is a viable candidate for the Nibiru cataclysm which is a theory that states that Earth will have a disastrous encounter with a large planetary object.

This theory is not supported by any scientific evidence, but this theory gained wide popularity during the 2012 phenomenon. 

Many believers of this theory claim that NASA is covering up the visual evidence of the existence of such a planet. Not everyone believes in the existence of such a planet. But Planet Nine is believed to be interfering with the Cassini probe. (Source)


8 Life on Venus

Venus is a highly inhospitable planet. Scientists confirmed it is impossible to have any lifeforms on Venus. The theories about life on Venus have decreased tremendously after spacecraft started studying Venus in the early 1960s, but some say at least microbial life still exists on the planet. 

Life on Venus
Venus. Image credit: Shutterstock

The planet has an atmospheric pressure 90 times greater than that at Earth’s sea level. For years, researchers have ignored Venus as it was a sterile hell and pursued life on other planets like Jupiter and Mars. Venus, being Earth’s twin, was home to life maybe in the distant past. 

Claiming lifeforms on other planets have never ended with a positive response,  scientists are still confused as to whether to go ahead with projects to check life on Venus. Until the mid-20th century, Venus was believed to be similar to Earth.

It was also believed Venus could have lifeforms on it. Among the theories, there are speculations that say Venus has a jungle-like environment and has petroleum or water. But all these theories died down when scientists began studying Venus with space probes and found out about its uninhabitable atmosphere.

Recently, the discovery of phosphine in the Venusian atmosphere has led researchers to think that the planet might have some lifeforms, and for the first time in the history of humans, we might be able to discover life on another planet as well. (Source)


9 Human Face on Mars

On July 25, 1976, the Viking 2 mission snapped an image of a pile of rocks on Mars. These rocks resembled a human face. Although NASA explained that the human form might be a trick of shadows and lights, the general public did not take this lightly. Theories are that this was an extraterrestrial artifact that fell apart. 

Human Face in Mars
Human Face on Mars. Image credit: nasa

Since 1976, the picture has popped up in many popular culture references indicating that there was life on Mars at some stage. The “Face on Mars” theory lasted until 1998 when NASA and the European Space Agency started publishing pictures with high-resolution cameras.

They proved that the face-like shape was a coincidence. The face appeared in photos of the Cydonia region. Scientists believed that it was a hill that happened to look like a face. The speculations went to the extent that people completely believed NASA was trying to cover up alien life on Mars.

This led to an email campaign to the European Space Agency to reveal much higher-quality pictures. The whole area was later shown through photographs that they were hills that were eroding. (Source)


10 Majestic 12

Majestic 12 (MJ-12) is an organization that pops up in UFO conspiracies. It is believed to be a secret government project started in 1947 by a group of scientists, government officials, and military leaders formed by U.S. President Truman for investigations of aliens. 

Majestic 12
Image is used for representational purposes only. Image credit: Shutterstock

After the Roswell Incident, it is believed that the then-President Truman put together a group of scientists and military, along with government officials, to investigate circumstances around the incident and maintain vigilance for such future events.

The conspiracy started when a series of supposedly confidential government documents were leaked in 1984. Even though the FBI dismissed the claims and labeled the document as “completely bogus,” it remains seriously considered by many ufologists. 

UFO theorists confirm that the US government is deliberately hiding UFO information from the public ever since. The MJ-12 conspiracies still stay strong, 74 years after the incident.

The UFO watchers claim that not only is there a mountain of evidence that MJ-12 exists, but there is also a major cover-up going on. The untimely death of James Forrestal, who is believed to be part of the MJ-12 project, helped fuel the fire as the death was officially ruled as suicide. (Source)

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