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20 Things That Look Absolutely Bizarre Under a Microscope

6. Human tooth in the earliest stage of decay.

image source:

This image of a piece of demineralized (decayed) tooth dentin was taken with a scanning electron microscope. Dentin is the second hardest tissue that lies underneath the enamel layer and is one of the four major components of the tooth, including enamel, cementum and pulp.(source)

under microscope tooth with cavity
image source:

7. Shark skin.

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These uber-cool (and really sharp-looking) scales are called denticles. Sharks’ skins contain these v-shaped scales in varying patterns and sizes (depending on the species) and are more materially identical to human teeth than fish scales. The denticles seen in this image belong to a Swell shark, magnified 144 times using a scanning electron microscope.(source)

shark skin
image source:

8. Leaf of a spiderwort.

Prairie Spiderwort
image source:

Also known as Wandering Jews, spiderworts are most recognizable for their blue stamens. Spiderworts are part of the Tradescantia flower species that were brought into Europe as ornamental plants in the 17th century. They are now naturally grown all over the world.(source)

spider wort leaf
image source: 

9. Chloroplasts in plant cells.

landscape plants
image source:

Chloroplasts help plants synthesize chlorophyll. This microscopic image was taken to study the effect of an herbicide called Kixor on blocking photosynthesis at a cellular level to stop the growth of weeds.(source)

image source:

10. Leg of a Gecko.

tokay gecko
image source:

A gecko’s leg magnified 120 times looks just as terrifying as that thing from Alien. You’re welcome for the nightmare fuel, guys.(source)

gecko leg
image credit: Oliver Meckes

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