25 Random Fun Facts That Sound Too Funny To Be Real

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Picture 25 Random Fun Facts That Sound Too Funny To Be Real

These Random Fun Facts have exclusively been selected to tickle your funny bone. Among them are unsolved mysteries, uniformed sightings and even some events which may sound shocking, but you cannot help to do anything other than just laugh them off. Although these events sound too bizarre to be true, when the authenticity of such events gets validated, hysteria and disbelief follow. The following facts demonstrate why our world is a weird place where anything and everything is possible.

25 A Sudanese man was caught having sex with a goat. He ends up having to pay a dowry of 15,000 Sudanese dinars ($50) to the owner and is ordered to marry the goat.

Random Fun Facts: Sudanese Man Marries a Goat
Image source: cdn.jewsnews.co.il

A Sudanese man named Mr. Tombe was ordered by the local council of elders to pay his neighbor, Mr. Alifi, a dowry of 15,000 Sudanese dinars ($50) after Mr. Tombe was caught having sex with a goat nicknamed “Rose” in the middle of the night. He was also told to marry the goat which he did, and they are now happily married.(source)

24 Viagra®, when dissolved in a vase of water, can make cut flowers stay in an upright position for up to a week longer than they usually would.

Random Fun Facts, Viagra Makes Flowers Stand Up Straight
Image source: kltv.images.worldnow.com

Israeli and Australian researchers have discovered that by mixing small doses of Viagra® in a vase of water cut flowers can stand erect for up to a week without wilting. This is possible because Viagra® retards the breakdown of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). They confirmed that 1 mg of the drug in solution is good enough to help the plants  stand erect for a week.(source)

23 In 2004, Microsoft sued a student named Mike Rowe for using the domain name “MikeRoweSoft.com” but later agreed to an out-of-court settlement and gifted him an Xbox.

Random Fun Facts, Microsoft vs MikeRoweSoft
Image source: s3.amazonaws.com

On January 14, 2004, a Canadian student, Mike Rowe, was sued by Microsoft as his domain name was “MikeRoweSoft.com”. He had registered it in August 2003 for his part-time web design business. However, in late January, 2004, Microsoft and Mike Rowe agreed on a mutual deal. Mike Rowe ceded rights to his domain name to Microsoft, and Microsoft paid all of the expenses that Rowe incurred including setting up a new site and redirecting traffic to MikeRoweForums.com. Also, Microsoft threw in a subscription to the Microsoft Developer Network, an all-expenses-paid trip for him and his family to the Microsoft Research Tech Fest at their headquarters in Redmond, Washington, training for a Microsoft certification, and an Xbox with a selection of games.(source)


22 In 1996, a man in Kentucky sued himself for US$300,000 after his boomerang that he threw hit him on his own head. He won the case and his insurance company paid the amount.

Random Fun Facts, Kentucky Man Sues Himself
Image source: www.snopes.com

A Kentucky man named Larry Rutman from Owensboro once sued himself for $300,000 after he threw a boomerang, and it ended up knocking him on the head. Surprisingly, the man won the case and his insurance company had to pay him the entire amount. The man claimed that the “knocking” affected his memory and he became obsessed with sex. He even wanted to sue the boomerang company but was advised against it by his lawyer.(source)

21 There is a German beer with the registered trademark “F**king Hell”, where “F**king” refers to a village in Austria and “Hell” refers to pale lager in Austrian and Southern German.

Random Fun Facts, F*****g Hell Beer
Image source: i1.mirror.co.uk

F**king Hell is the name of a German beer that exists today. In 2010, two German businessmen, Stefan Fellenberg and Florian Krause, applied to register a Community Trade Mark “F**king Hell” for a beer. This was initially rejected since it contained an expletive, but Fellenberg and Krause countered that the term “F**king” was referring to a village with the same name in Austria, and “Hell” was an Austrian and Southern German term for “pale lager”. It was approved as a trademark and the beer went on sale in Europe, Asia and Australia in 2011.(source)

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Picture 25 Random Fun Facts That Sound Too Funny To Be Real
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