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These 25 Vintage Photos Captures The Creepiest Moments From The Past

Creepy Vintage Photos

Living among the comforts of high-tech amenities with its one-touch solutions, it is easy to forget that everyday life was quite different back then. People wore different clothes. They read encyclopedias for information and knowledge gathering. They used rotary phones.

When you look at vintage pictures, everything looks creepy or somber or at least it looks awful and nightmarish. These photos make me happy that I am living in 2016. The modern world is still not easy to live but at least, we don’t have grave robbers throwing skulls at one another or face the terrifying prospect of a steam engine shredding into ribbons of steel.

These 25 vintage photos are guaranteed to give you several spine-chilling moments: Have a look at your own risk.

1. A Boiler explosion in this steam train has caused the front end to shred into thin metal ribbons.

Vintage Photo 1
Image Source:

2. Four medical school students pose with their cadaver. Gloves, anyone?

Vintage Photo 2
Image Source: Imgur

3. All hail the Messiah  who has come to save us from doom!

Vintage Photo 3
Image Source: smokejedi

4. Save me from this one-horned monster

Vintage Photo 4
Image Source: Smokejedi

5. Creepy plumber with a mask.

Vintage Photo 6
Image Source: Smoke Jedi

6. These scary clowns are supposed to make you feel better?

Vintage Photo 7
Image source: Smoke Jedi

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