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These 25 Vintage Photos Captures The Creepiest Moments From The Past

19. The happy clown hugs his supper.

Vintage Photo 23
Image Source: Imgur

20. A Medical student poses for a photo with his cadavers.

Vintage Photo 24
Image Source: Imgur

21. Looks like the man from the moon is here but it’s a vintage diving suit.

Vintage Photo 25
Image Source: Imgur

22. A world war II Frogman is looking like an alien from Doctor Who?

Vintage Photo 26
Image Source: Wikipedia

23. The real Buster Keaton poses with Doll Buster Keaton.

Vintage Photo 27
Image Source: Imgur

24. A young war evacuee shares a close moment with the Falcon.

Vintage photo28
Image Source: Imgur

25. The original Ronald McDonald can put you off McDonalds, forever

Vintage Photo 29
Image Source: Imgur



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