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There is a Obama Fried Chicken (OFC) in China

So this exists: A President Barack Obama-inspired fried chicken chain in — where else? — China.

The “OFC” sign — which we can only assume stands for “Obama Fried Chicken” — looks suspiciously like the KFC logo and depicts the president dressed as Colonel Sanders, complete with suspenders and bow tie. According to Shanghaiist, the Chinese slogan in the lower-right corner means, “We’re so cool, aren’t we?”
The Daily Mail posits that Obama Fried Chicken could be a response to the U.S. filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization about Chinese tariffs on American chicken exports.
But this isn‘t the first time Obama’s likeness has been used to sell chicken: Back in February, KFC — the real one — ran a commercial in Hong Kong in which an Obama lookalike was suddenly squashed by a giant chicken sandwich in the midst of giving a speech. The ad was quickly pulled, though a KFC spokesman said “it was meant to be a spoof and no disrespect was intended.”

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