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These 25 Vintage Photos Captures The Creepiest Moments From The Past

13. This is how Semanta  Santa religious ceremony looked like in 1940.

Vintage Photo 16
Image Source: Smoke Jedi

14. Ventriloquism was and is creepy

Vintage Photo 17
Image Source: Imgur

15. A family that believes in the power of “happy”.

Vintage Photo 18
Image Source: Imgur

16. John Bauer with his favorite doll Dunseklamp. That must be one special doll.

Vintage Photo 19
Image Source: Imgur

17. This may look like a surrealist painting but this is a real photograph. This photo is from a secret ‘Illuminati’ party held by the uber rich Rothschild family.

Vintage Photo 20
Image Source: Smoke Jedi

18. If there was an award for creepy dolls, this one will get it.

Vintage Photo 22
Image Source: Imgur

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