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Chinese Billionaire takes 6400 staff to France to celebrate 20th Founding Anniversary of his Tiens Group of Companies

Li Jinyuan, self established Chinese Billionaire and active philanthropist, surprised his staff and stunned the entire world by taking 6400 of his employees to France in celebration of the 20th Founding Anniversary of the Tiens Group of Companies.

This may be the biggest perk ever provided to the largest number of employees in a single shot as this all expenses paid four day holiday was well planned and organized by Li Jinyuan where he booked around 140 hotels in Paris in order for his staff of 6400 to visit the Louvre to see the world famous Mona Lisa and other such cultural sites in Paris such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc De Triumph where they were expected to have spent a total of 13 million Euros.

employees of Tiens Group
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From there they travelled in over 140 buses to Nice, where they were booked into top four and five star hotels located in Cannes and Monaco, occupying a total of 4760 rooms. From there they went to the Côte d’Azur, or more popularly known as the French Riviera in English, where they formed a large group holding blue flags with the quote “Tiens Dream is Nice in the Côte d’Azur” in both English and Chinese alternatively. They stretched along the Promenade des Anglais, otherwise pronounced as The English Promenade with the central crowd wearing blue caps and t-shirts bordered by people wearing white caps and t-shirts. Guinness world record officials were present at the major event which was accompanied with a grand Marine, land and air show in celebration of the friendly ties between China and France. This great event took place on May 8,2015

Largest Human Sentence
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France is supposed to have benefited from this event alone by becoming a whopping 24 million euros richer. This must have been a god send to the French economy.

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According to the Forbes magazine website, Li Jinyuan was ranked #993 in their list of Billionaires in the year 2011. Born in Cangzhou in the province of Hebein, China, he currently lives in Tianjin. After procuring an MBA degree from Nankai University, China, he established himself first in the pharmaceutical field with selling traditional Chinese medicine to international clients, the majority of them being Russia and Germany (Courtesy Wikipedia).

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Established in 1995, Tiens Group first business was into pharmaceuticals of traditional Chinese medicine, Calcium tablets and instant coffee. Thereafter foraying since 1998 into international markets, this Chinese group held an astounding market reach of over 16 million customers in 190 countries in 2009 as claimed in their company website Its businesses cover fields like biotechnology, health management, hotel and tourism industry, educational training, e-commerce and finance investment. Over 40 million families are expected to have been benefitted by this group’s endeavor to provide them with a life willed with health, happiness, beauty and affluence. This group has been awarded various honors along with their founder over the years since 1996.


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