There exists a species of Lizard which shoots blood from its eye as a defensive mechanism against larger predators.

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The ‘Horned Lizard’ is a master survivor. They have developed three effective methods to avoid being eaten by predators.

One of the basic survival methods adopted by the lizard is camouflage. The lizard sits still on the soil or the mud track laden with pebbles or small bits of stones. They gradually blend in with the rocks apparently becoming invisible to onlookers.This form of self-protection is enough for birds.

horned lizard
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While blending into the rocks may save the lizard from becoming birds prey, it does not stop a snake from making a meal of it.

A hungry snake looking for food will not mind the hardy skin of the lizard. They will not be fooled by camouflage either. So the lizard begins to puff up. The lizard becomes double the size of itself which surprises the snake. Then the devious lizard pushes the weirdness factor further. The lizard slowly topples over showing its tummy. It lies rigid with outstretched arms. The puzzled snake usually retreats at this juncture.

Horned lizard fooling the snake
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These two techniques are enough for small predators. But If a big animal attacks the lizard, it unleashes its most effective weapon. When a dog or other bigger animal approaches the lizard. The lizard takes aim and squirts a stream of blood. The taste is so terrible, the canines usually take about 15 minutes to recover from the attack.

Horned lizard shooting blood
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How does the Horned Lizard manage this feat?

The lizard controls the blood flow leaving the head. The pressure begins to build. The increasing pressure causes tiny vessels present in lizards eye to rupture. A stream of blood erupts scaring the potential predators.

The horned lizards can actually direct the stream of blood shooting from its eyes.The stream can travel up to 6 feet.

Sound scary right?


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Picture There exists a species of Lizard which shoots blood from its eye as a defensive mechanism against larger predators.
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