These 15 Photos Are Some of The Oldest Photographs Ever Taken In The Human History

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11 Earliest Photograph of an England Football Team
football team oldest photograph
England Football Team, 1876. Image source

This is one of the oldest photographs of an England Football team and has been discovered 132 years after it was clicked. In this image, we can see B.G. Jarrett (sitting on the floor); F. Heron, E.H. Bambridge, H. Heron (captain), J. Turner (umpire), A.H. Savage (Front row, right to left); W.J. Maynard, F.T. Green, W.S. Buchanan, E. Field (Back row, right to left). This image features the early superstars of football in their glory, before the fifth international match of England on March 4, 1876. It has the 10 players with the umpire posing for a star-studded photograph. (Source)


12 Oldest Photo of USS Constitution under Sail

USS Constitution ships
USS Constitution Ship under sail, 1881. Image source : ussconstitutionmuseum

This is the oldest known photograph of a USS Constitution ship under sail. It is reportedly a photograph dating back to 1881. The original is available in the USS Constitution Museum Collection. USS Constitution is known as a builder of some of the most beautiful ships that ever set sail. (Source)

13. Oldest Photograph of a Tornado

1884 Tornado, Garnnett
1884 Tornado, Garnett. Image source : wikimedia

This photograph, taken at Garnett on April 26, 1884, seems to be the oldest of a tornado. Probably it has been altered from the original form. Such early photographs were also a motivation for the storm chasers who would then follow for a great click. (Source)


14. When Japanese went to Sphinx

oldest photographs of the sphinx of giza
Great Sphinx of Giza, 1864. Image source Wikipedia

This image is an albumen print of the Ikeda Nagaoki Japanese Mission members when they were on the way to Europe and visited Egypt too. It was clicked in front of Sphinx, Egypt in 1864. This is a great early shot of the Great Sphinx of Giza. The face of this sphinx is believed to represent Pharaoh Khafra’s face. The nose was probably broken before this image was captured. This mission returned to Japan on July 22, 1864, in failure. (Source)

15 The First Photograph on a Passport

First Photograph on a Passport
First Passport Photograph. Image source

The United States of America is credited with being the first county to use photographs on passports. This was made essential in 1914. The same was then followed by the UK and consequently all other nations. This is the image of a US passport which is dated March 2, 1915. It is the passport with the earliest photograph which has been identified so far. It represents Margaret Sanger, travelling under the pseudonym of Bertha L. Watson. (Source)

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Picture These 15 Photos Are Some of The Oldest Photographs Ever Taken In The Human History
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