Watch This ‘Buddhist Monks’ Break Dance In Honor Of Beastie Boys On MCA Day

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Picture Watch This ‘Buddhist Monks’ Break Dance In Honor Of Beastie Boys On MCA Day

The ‘monks’ were raising awareness on the MCA Day, an event that pays tribute to Beastie Boy Adam Yaunch.

MCA Day is celebrated annually ever since Adam Yauch, a Beastie Boy member, died on May 4th 2012. He died at 47 years of age after a long battle with salivary gland cancer. Beastie Boys fans pay their favorite rapper respect using awesome performances worldwide. Popularly known as MCA, Adam Yauch fought for the independence of Tibetan and was a devout Buddhist.

'Buddhist Monks' Break Dance
Image courtesy: KNARF

He had been practicing Buddhism since 1994 and hosted many Tibetan Freedom concerts in support of Tibetan Independence and to help spread messages of nonviolence. When asked why he was drawn to Buddhism, Yauch explained in an interview with Tricycle Magazine in 1994:[quote_box_center]”The feeling I get from the rinpoches and His Holiness [the Dalai Lama] and Tibetan people in general. The people that I’ve met are really centered in the heart; they’re coming from a real clear, compassionate place. And most of the teachings that I’ve read about almost seem set up to distract the other side of your brain in order to give your heart center a chance to open up. In terms of what I understand, Buddhism is like a manual to achieve enlightenment.”[/quote_box_center]At the Littlefield Performance and Art Space, Brooklyn, a group of ‘monks’ amazed onlookers with an incredible break dance. They awed everyone in attendance as they jigged to ‘Ch-Check it out’ by Beastie Boys.

KNARF, a New York advertising firm, filmed and produced the online video at Union Square. In making the video, they meant to promote MCA Day and honor Yauch, a fallen member of the popular band. Frank Anselmo is the creative director who worked on the video. He and his crew planned the stunts for six months.

Anselmo auditioned several break dancers and finally settled on four that were willing to have their heads shaved. They also ordered identical robes similar to those the Dalai Lama wore.

The four ‘monks’ Jason Ng, Franklin Chen, Stephen Pyo and Erich Reyes started their performance by entering Union Square with their hands in prayer like motion, dressed in robes. There is the sound of chants and bells as the four men move towards a white and black mat that has a logo in the center promoting MCA Day.

Once they are all in place, the four bow their heads as the sound of bells and chants continue. The Beastie Boys song ‘Ch-Check it out’ starts playing suddenly and the ?monks? break into dance.

The performance was fitting for the occasion and incredible! Watch it and give your verdict.

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Picture Watch This ‘Buddhist Monks’ Break Dance In Honor Of Beastie Boys On MCA Day
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