10 Places on Earth with Recurring Mysteries

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Picture 10 Places on Earth with Recurring Mysteries

Earth has always been home to many mysterious places that make us convince ourselves that humans are not the only superior creatures on the planet. Many phenomenons, even after years of experiencing, we are unable to untangle the stories behind the history or find a plausible explanation for these unsolved mysteries. Here are 10 places on Earth with recurring mysteries. 

1 Area 51 in Nevada

Area 51 is famous for its claims of UFO sightings and secret U.S Air Force Facility. The place is located in a very remote area and is fully surrounded by barren desert. It has been an area of interest for civilians because of rumors about stealth aircraft testing and other wild government experiments. 

Area 51 in Nevada
Area 51 in Nevada

Details about the facility are completely unknown to the outside world. UFO sightings in this area have been reported as far back as the 1950s. Stories about extraterrestrial creatures and flying saucers are always reported and rumored around making it one of the unsolved mysteries. 

The secrecy maintained around this area has made way for many conspiracy theories and major components in UFO sightings. 

One theory about the place says that the area is a place to store, experiment, and reverse-engineer alien spacecraft. Some say the place develops weaponry for future wars. Many veterans from Area 51 contracts have come up with claims saying they have worked on alien technologies. The claims are not backed up by proper information which makes the place more mysterious. 

There are dedicated believers and theorists who firmly believe this place has something otherwordly to deal with. Some believe that the place houses aliens. The area is restricted to the public and there have been several attempts to storm the area, which once even turned into a festival. (Source)


2 Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle has been the center point of many conspiracy theories and disappearances for years now. This mysterious part of the Atlantic Ocean has claimed many lives and remains unsolved. Massive torpedo bombers and naval cargo have vanished without a trace in this half-a million-mile stretch of ocean around Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Miami. 

Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle

In March 1918, a massive vessel, USS Cyclops, a 542-foot-long ship with 300 men and tons of manganese, disappeared without even sending a distress signal.

Years later, the sister ships of that same ship that took the route were also never found after taking the same route. These incidents began driving more attention towards disappearances at the Bermuda Triangle during the early 20th century. 

Vessels traveling through this area are either abandoned or disappear. In December 1945, five US Navy bombers had compass issues during their flight.

They aimlessly flew around and ditched into the sea once their fuel was gone. No details of the incident are available. The rescue team did not get any detail on the missing aircraft. (Source)


3 Crooked Forest in Poland

In the Gryfino town of Poland, these mysterious crooked pine trees have intrigued several researchers because of the sharp bend northward for every tree planted there. There is no evidence to support why these pine trees are crooked. 

Crooked Forest
Image credits: Rzuwig/Wikimedia

All the trees are healthy and grow up to 50 feet. Some say it is because of the gravitational pull in the area or maybe because of the wind blowing in the same direction for years.

These were planted in the 1930s, and some believe that the farmers manipulated them when planted. But the trees underwent this change seven to ten years after they were initially planted. 

Some theories suggest that the “J” shape is caused due to some sort of gravitational pull that is particular to that area.

The town was abandoned during World War II, and few people are alive today to tell us the tale of what happened to these 400 trees planted during that era. The place has a notable number of tourists every year. (Source)


4 Hessdalen Lights in Norway

The Hessdalen Lights is a rare and unusual atmospheric light that appears in a valley in Norway. It occurred 15 to 20 times a week from 1981 to 1984. Now it occurs 10 to 20 times a year. Scientists are still coming up with multiple explanations, the majority of them being an incompletely carried out combustion process. 

The transient luminous phenomena observed in the valley of Hessdalen are deeply studied for atmospheric science, photonics, and beyond. They appear as freely floating light balls with pulsating spikes from time to time. 

They appear day and night for a few seconds and sometimes for up to an hour. To observe and record the lights, Hessdalen Automatic Measurement Station was set up. Some explanation of the phenomenon was that the sightings were identified as misperceptions of astronomical bodies. Some observations say that they are macroscopic Coulomb crystals in plasma. 

The lights have been reported since the 1930s. The projects on their research were active from 1981 to 1984. There are several working hypotheses on the matter with students and scientists researching on the lights to bring together a theory behind the mystery. (Source)


5 Mysterious Humming Sounds in Taos

The phenomenon is known as the “Taos Hum.” It started when several residents began complaining about a humming noise that interrupted their daily lives around 30 years ago. Many small and big tests with sensitive devices have been conducted, but the source was never found. 

It is a steady droning sound. It affects only a small percentage of the total population. Reports in the 1950s say that people have never heard of this before and found this throbbing, rumbling sound very annoying. To this day this hum stays as one of the unsolved mysteries that we may never find out. 

People reported that the hum is louder at night and more common in suburban and rural areas. They describe the sound as a diesel engine idling nearby. 

Researchers confirmed that the hum is not mass hysteria but a real phenomenon. Even though industrial equipment was suspected at first, they were unable to trace the sound back to the industrial area. Some suspect sources as gas-lines, electrical power lines, or other wireless communication devices. 

Since the humming is only heard by a small percent of the population, mostly between the ages of 55 to 70, it was suspected that the sound might be electromagnetic radiation of low frequency. The real reason for the humming sound even after multiple sensitive tests is still unknown. (Source)

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Picture 10 Places on Earth with Recurring Mysteries
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