These 15 Photos Are Some of The Oldest Photographs Ever Taken In The Human History

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6. Drinking to a Good Photograph!
oldest drinking photo
Oldest Photograph of Drinking. Image source Wikipedia

Cheers! This photograph dating back to 1844 is the oldest photo displaying people drinking. Octavius Hill is present on the right of James Ballantine and Dr. George Bell. They were probably sharing a joke along with the drink when captured. Three ‘ale flutes’ (drinking glasses of the 19th century) and a beer bottle take center stage on the table! (Source)


7 When the Sun was Photographed!

Link to the image

The true advantage of the technology of daguerreotype was taken on April 2, 1845. On the day, Louis Fizeau and Leon Foucault, two French physicists successfully photographed the sun. An exposure of 1/60th of a second was given while clicking this photograph. This was one of the oldest photographs of the sun. (Source)

8 First Photographed Amputation

first leg amputation photograph
Seargent Antonio Bustos Leg Amputation. Image source Commons Wikimedia

This photograph captured on April 18, 1847, shows Seargent Antonio Bustos leg being amputated. This was performed by Pedro Vander Linden, a Belgian surgeon. The surgeon holds the amputated leg. This amputation was reportedly performed during the Mexican – American War. The image is considered the first daguerreotype of a leg amputation being performed in the battlefield. (Source)


9. The Oldest Photograph of Alamo

Link to the image

This 1849 Daguerreotype is claimed to be the oldest available photograph of the Alamo chapel. It is a rare image of the Alamo façade and is internationally recognized as a historically important image. This photograph was probably captured before the Alamo was repaired and rebuilt in the year 1850 by the US army. During the renovation, the appearance of the structure was altered in many ways. These changes included the addition of a distinctively curved gable which is located on top of the church front and is also one of the most renowned features. The photographer of this historical image remains unknown. (Source)

10. World’s Oldest Capture While Airborne

oldest aerial photograph of Boston
Boston, 1860, Aerial Photograph. Image source : James Wallace Black via wikimedia

If you consider the mesmerizing aerial views of landscapes to be a new thing, think again! This photograph of Boston was captured in the year 1860 from 2,000 feet, by James Wallace Black.

Best known for his photographs of Boston after the devastating fire of 1872, Black launched his solo career in 1860 with the production of a series of aerial photographs taken from Samuel King’s hot-air balloon the “Queen of the Air.” –

After the first photograph clicked in 1826, it took 30 long years for an individual to unleash creativity, and combine photography with flight for this amazing view of Boston. (Source)

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Picture These 15 Photos Are Some of The Oldest Photographs Ever Taken In The Human History
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