Mind Blowing Facts About The FIFA World Cup, 2014

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Picture Mind Blowing Facts About The FIFA World Cup, 2014

The 2014 World Cup is being held in Brazil this year. The ceremony kicked off on 12th June with a colorful ceremony before Brazil, the hosts, beat Croatia 3-1. 32 nations in total will compete in 64 games and may the best country win. As the games continue, here are 9 mind blowing facts about the 2014 World Cup that you didn’t know:

9 mind blowing facts about the 2014 World Cup
Image source: www.footyheadlines.com

1 Goal-line technology will be used for the first time in history

Goal-line technology will be used for the first time in history
Image source: www.fifa.com

Due to the controversies that have sometimes surrounded world cup goals in the past years, the referee will now be able to tell if a goal is scored. 14 cameras have been set up where 7 of these focus on one goal and the other 7 on the opposite one. These are then connected to a central mainframe computer that analyses each goal. The referee feels a vibration when the match ball crosses the goal line. A visual sign ‘Goal’ appears on a special watch he will be wearing on his wrist. No more Lampard situations anymore!

2 Drones and US robots will be used

Drones and US robots will be used
Image source: www.irobot.com

For safety purposes, Israeli drones and Robots will be used. The unmarked drones will monitor the crowds for security and defense purposes. PackBot 510 robots used in the US military will also be used to protect tourists and citizens. These can be operated remotely and will detect and examine any suspicious objects. They also explore any dangerous environments. To enhance security, they will also use facial recognition camera glasses, high tech surveillance equipment, helicopters with thermal cameras and night vision and Brazilian Armed Forces soldiers.

3 A paraplegic teenager Took The First 2014 World Cup Kick

A paraplegic teenager Took The First 2014 World Cup Kick
Image credit: Miguel Nicolelis

The paraplegic teenager had on a mind controlled exoskeleton suit. Though paralyzed from the waist down, the suit helps them feel the kick due to sensory feedback. The suit helped the kid stand up from his wheelchair, walk to the midfield and take the kick. This is a huge technological step and wheelchairs may one day cease to exist.

4’Darth Vadar’ police

'Darth Vadar' police
Image source: www.latino-news.com

Brazilian police in all the 12 states that matches will be held, have masks that are inspired by the Darth Vader character in Star Wars. They protect the police from gas attacks, can withstand high temperatures, and are equipped with a visor that will not fog and a voice amplifier. They will be used in case riots break out.

5 Brazil has worn 5 world cups

Brazil has worn 5 world cups
Image source: www.bleacherreport.com

World Cup Tournaments have been held since 1930. 19 of them have been held but only 8 countries have ever won. They include Brazil, Italy, Spain, England, Germany, France, Argentina and Uruguay. Brazil has won five times, Italy Four times, Germany thrice, Uruguay and Argentina twice while England, Spain and France have each won once.

6 Strange demands by the teams

You think superstars have strange demands, wait till you hear what the football teams asked for during the World Cup. Some of the craziest things demanded include:

  1. Portugal demanded 6 security guards with two assigned to Cristiano Ronaldo.
  2. France demanded two types of liquid soaps: one for washing hands and the other for showering. The players’ room should also be identical even in color.
  3. Uruguay demanded that each room should have silent air-conditioning units.
  4. Algeria wanted each room to have a Quran.
  5. Ecuador demanded every room should have an everyday basket of Ecuadorian bananas.
  6. Japan wanted a Jacuzzi in each room
  7. Germany on the other hand didn’t like the accommodations provided and went ahead and built their own World Cup Hotel and training camp. Beat that! 

7 Bazuka ball

Bazuka ball
Image source: www.adweek.com

Adidas designed this year’s World Cup named ‘Bazuka’. ‘Bazuka’ is slang for national pride and the name was chosen by fans. The ball maintains it roundness and weight even in the thickest of weathers. It also produces faster flight speeds. The ball also has an innovative camera that uses six different lenses to capture a 360° view of the action on the field.

EDIT : The chances of the ball with the cameras to be used in the actual matches is very less. They were put in just a few of the balls to make a montage of players having a kick-about which will be released as a promotional video for the WC2014.

8 It’s the most expensive World Cup ever

most expensive World Cup ever
Image source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Brazil was not holding back in terms of expenditure when it came to preparing for the World Cup. It’s the most expensive with over 14-16 billion dollars used. In fact, it’s more expensive than the combined cost of the last two world cup events held. Costs incurred were from transport, stadiums and security. The Brazilians were not too happy about this considering their economy and they took to the streets about the issue.

9 “All In One Rythym” is the official slogan

The 2014 World Cup slogan is “Juntos num só ritmo” in Portuguese translated as “All in One Rhythm” in English. It refers to the Brazilian culture that has rhythm everywhere.

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Picture Mind Blowing Facts About The FIFA World Cup, 2014
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