10 Clever Ways To Trick Your Brain Into Believing Things You Know Can’t Be Real!

by Unbelievable Facts9 years ago
Picture 10 Clever Ways To Trick Your Brain Into Believing Things You Know Can’t Be Real!

Humans, we have become the dominant species on the planet thanks to our brain. We are the most intelligent creatures to exist on Earth. But are our brains as powerful and smart as we think? Here are 10 easy ways to trick your brain!

1 Create A Natural Hallucination!

Ganzfeld effect
Image source: www.tarrdaniel.com

Turn on some static noise, lie down, and cover your eyes with something solid white and featureless (ie. paper or cut a ping-pong ball in half) with red light showing on you. Your brain is about to get super confused. The resulting sensory deprivation will likely cause you to have a hallucination of colors, shapes or even horses!(source)

2 A Small Painkiller!

binoculars decrease pain
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Ever cut yourself but not know until you saw the blood a few minutes later? That’s because most pain felt is a reaction to knowing you’re injured. A simple solution, take some binoculars and flip them around. Looking through them will make your injury look tiny in comparison; tricking the brain into thinking it’s no big deal. Just like magic, you’ll feel much less pain.(source)

3 The Pinocchio Effect!

The Pinocchio effect
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For this one you’ll need a blindfold, two chairs and a friend you can get close to! Sit behind them and blindfold yourself. The next step is to put one hand on your nose and one on your friends. Make the same motion with both hands and your brain will think that both hands are touching YOUR nose and you’ll feel as if your nose is three feet long!(source)

4 Trick Your Ears!

Swapping Sounds
Image source: www.thenakedscientists.com

This one requires two friends and a couple of hoses. The trick is to have the hoses cross over, so that the hose on your left ear is actually to the right of you, and the hose on your right ear to the left of you. If you do that, when your friend on the left talks to you, you’re going to think that they are on your right side every time! Because that’s where you heard them from after all! Simple really!(source)

5 Tap Into Your Brain’s Hardwired Programming!

trick your brain
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Try this, move your right foot clockwise in a circle. Now take your right hand and draw the number six in the air. Did you notice how your foot went counterclockwise?! The left side of the brain cannot complete opposite movements at the same time and combines it into a single motion! It’s just how we were built, nothing we can do about it.(source)

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Picture 10 Clever Ways To Trick Your Brain Into Believing Things You Know Can’t Be Real!
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