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A Mexican Teen Dies After Receiving a Love Bite From His Girlfriend

Love Bite Causes Stroke

A 17-year-old Mexican teen named Julio Macias Gonzalez, had reportedly died after having a stroke caused by a love bite. The teen gave his family a terrible scare when he started having convulsions at the dinner table while with them. Unfortunately, though the paramedics were dispatched to help the him, they could not save him.

Love Bite Gets a Teen Killed
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Before his untimely death, Julio had spent the evening with his 24-year-old girlfriend who gave him a hickey. It is believed that the suction action, while his girlfriend was giving him a love bite, caused a blood clot which then traveled to his brain resulting in a stroke. After the incident, she was said to have disappeared and his family are now blaming her for the death.

This isn’t the first case of stroke caused by usual everyday romantic encounter. In 2011, another woman of 44 in New Zealand, had experienced paralysis in her left arm. After she was rushed to the hospital for treatment, the doctors found a fading bruise on her neck.

Love Bite Gets a Teen Killed
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When they saw it, they realized the love bite had caused some damage to the artery in her neck. The clot that resulted from it had traveled to her heart resulting in a stroke and paralysis. Once the cause was identified, the doctors were able to treat her with warfarin, an anti-coagulant, which dissolved the clot within a week and treated her completely.

Love Bite Gets a Teen Killed
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Hickeys occur as a result of sucking or biting the skin, usually on the neck or arms, and they typically last for five to twelve days. The bruises are formed because of ruptured superficial blood vessels right under the skin, and in normal cases are nothing but reminder of a steamy passionate time spent with ones partner. Mostly they heal by themselves, and people cover them up with scarves, makeup or other items of clothing, or try to treat them with ice or warm compress.


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