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10 of the Creepiest Places From Around the World

Creepy places

We always get attracted to mysterious things or places. We always want to know the backstory of those dark and spooky places. The Earth is full of many creepy and strange places. From abandoned hospitals and islands to the mysterious bone church and suicide forest. All these places are preserved over time which will leave you dumbfounded. Let’s take you on the trip to the 10 most creepy places around the world.

1. Beechworth Asylum, Victoria

Beechworth Asylum is the second oldest asylum in Victoria. Over 3,000 patients died there between 1867 and 1995. It is believed very few people walked out alive from there. This abandoned hospital is famous for its numerous ghost tales, and it is now used for ghost tours.

Beechworth Lunatic Asylum
Image credits: John T Collins/National Library of Australia via Wikimedia

Beechworth Asylum is located in Victoria and is considered one of the most haunted places in Australia. This abandoned mental hospital is the second oldest asylum in Australia and gives spooky vibes like in horror movies.

Beechworth Asylum
Beechworth Asylum. Image credits: Evan Thomas/Wikimedia

It is said that very few of its patients walked out alive between 1967 to 1995. Over 3,000 patients died in its operating years.

Mass shock treatments were given to patients where the entire population of patients had to bear the shock. It is said that most of the paranormal activity happens in the room where these treatments happened.

Beechworth Asylum is rife with ghost tales like a girl running behind trying to communicate, an unknown doctor wandering in corridors at night, the sound of children laughing and playing, ghosts of a kitchen hand and gardener named Arthur are seen, and many more stories are attached to this asylum. (source)


2. Island of the Dolls, Mexico

The Island of the Dolls is located just south of Mexico City. This island is covered with hundreds of decaying dolls. Many years ago, a man named Julian found a drowned girl, and a doll came floating up shortly afterward. He hung the doll from the tree in respect of the girl’s spirit. For the next 50 years, he kept hanging up the dolls to please the girl’s spirit.

Island of the Dolls, Mexico
Island of the Dolls, Mexico

After hearing about dolls, the scary face of the Anabelle doll occurs in front of us. The Island of the Dolls near Mexico city is covered with such creepy dolls.

A man named Don Julian Santana Barrera who is the caretaker of the island has been hanging the dolls on a tree there for the past 50 years. The reason? He says he does this in the memory of a little girl.

Island of the Dolls, Mexico
Image credits: doleesi/

He found a little girl drowned in the lake in mysterious circumstances. He was disheartened when he failed to save her life. Shortly after he found her, a doll came floating down the canal.

He picked up the doll and hung it onto a tree to show respect and support to the spirit of the poor girl. Since then, he has been hanging dolls found in the trash and canals on trees to please the girl’s spirit.

In 2001, Julian was found dead on the same spot where the girl died. Many people and Julian’s family are still in doubt whether his death was connected with the drowned girl or not. (source)


3. The Hanging Coffins at Sagada

The practice of hanging coffins on a mountain cliff is practiced by the Igorot tribe of Mountain Province in the northern Philippines. This practice is 2,000 years old in which people bury their dead in hand-carved coffins to bring the dead closer to ancestral spirits.

Hanging coffins sagada
Image credits: Matyas Rehak/

When we visit any cemetery, we always get that strange vibe. Fortunately, in cemeteries, coffins are underground, but in Sagada, people hang the coffins on the mountain cliff.

Hanging Coffins
Image credits: akimov konstantin/

The Igorot Tribe of Mountain Province from Sagada located in the northern Philippines believes in hanging the coffins from mountain cliffs. They say that hanging the bodies higher brings the dead closer to their ancestral spirits. 

The people carve their coffins out of hollowed logs; if they are ill, other family members take responsibility for it. This tradition has been followed for 2,000 years. Today, this tradition is being followed only by a few. Tourists come to visit and admire this unique culture. (source)

4. Hashima Island, Japan

From the 1880s until 1974, Hashima Island was a major Japanese coal mine. A miniature city was built around the island to house the miners. In 1974, the coal ran out and the mine was closed. It has been abandoned since then. The buildings of the island crumbled, nature flourished, and it gave birth to a ghost island.

Hashima Island, Japan
Hashima Island, Japan

We all get creeps from abandoned buildings or hospitals, but have you ever seen a whole abandoned island? Hashima Island, which is also known as “Battleship Island,” is situated near Nagasaki, Japan.

Hashima Island, Japan
Hashima Island, Japan

It once had a major Japanese coal mine during the 1880s until 1974. The Mitsubishi Corporation built a miniature city around the mine for the workers and their families. The city had all facilities like a school, hospital, and Buddhist and Shinto shrines. Unfortunately, the rise of petroleum led to the deterioration of the coal industry. 

The mine finally closed in 1974, and people evacuated the city. The abandoned city became beautiful and spooky after the buildings crumbled and nature flourished. With this came haunted stories which lured the visitors who are interested in historic ruins. (source)


5. Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat went from a growing city to a ghost town in just a few hours after the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Pripyat is now known as a ghost town after the evacuation in 1986. It is forbidden to visit Pripyat, but people still come here for adventure.

Pripyat, Ukraine
Pripyat, Ukraine

Most of us know about the man-made Chernobyl disaster that happened on 26 April 1986 which gave birth to the ghost town of Pripyat. Pripyat was a model city founded on 4 February 1970 and situated in northern Ukraine.

Pripyat, Ukraine
Pripyat, Ukraine

It was the home for several people working at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and the builders. The city had everything: schools, cafes, malls, stores, and restaurants which have now turned into creepy places. Unfortunately, the explosion at the power plant led to the evacuation of 50,000 people.

Since then, Pripyat has been named a ghost town. It is restricted to visit Pripyat to avoid any health issues because the nuclear power plant radiation can affect one’s health. Still, people visit there for adventure and to learn more about this abandoned city. (source)

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