10 Clever Ways To Trick Your Brain Into Believing Things You Know Can’t Be Real!

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6 See In Only Two Dimensions!
Depth Perception
Image source: www.livestrong.com

This one is easier than it sounds. Your brain needs to see through both eyes to determine where things are in the world around you. If you close one eye long enough you will lose your depth perception. Now the brain is smart and if you’re somewhere familiar you’ll be fine, but go somewhere new and you’ll have no idea how far away things are from one another!(source)

7 Determine Your Age Through Your Ears!

Did you hear that? If you did you’re likely under 20. If you couldn’t, don’t worry, it just means you’ve lost some of the fine hairs in your inner ear. As you lose those you lose the ability to hear really high frequencies like this Sine Wave at 18,000 Hz. On the bright side, it’s a very, very annoying sound!(source)

8 Experience a Body Transfer!

The rubber hand illusion
Image source: news.vanderbilt.edu

No you aren’t putting your brain in another body, instead you’ll take ownership of something that isn’t your body. Put your hands on a table, and then replace your left hand with a rubber hand. Next you’ll rub a brush simultaneously against your actual right hand and the fake rubber hand. Seeing this is enough to trick your brain and you will feel the brush rubbing on your actual left hand!(source)

9 Afterimages!

Black and white image illusion
Image source: imgur

Staring at a picture for 30 seconds is usually enough to imprint it into your eyes as they become fatigued. If you stare long enough for this to happen and then quickly transition to looking at something white you’ll see that image for a few seconds as your eyes recover!(source)

10 Confuse Your Eyes!

Eyes confusing illusion
Image source: imgur

This spinning dancer, is she turning clockwise? Counterclockwise? The answer is no! This isn’t a spinning dancer, it’s a two dimensional image. But your brain wants it to be 3D! Your brain is punching in things that should be there to make this image appear to be spinning, but depending on what your brain focuses on it will appear to spin one way or the other, even though it’s not spinning at all!(source)

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