21 Less-Known Facts about Famous Celebrities

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Picture 21 Less-Known Facts about Famous Celebrities

Who isn’t curious about a little celebrity gossip! Everyone from the world of who’s who has a story to tell and what can be more interesting than finding out things about them that would make us love them better. In a way for many it serves as an inspiration or a reminder to do better or to be more, while for others all that is just curiosity and gossip.

Whatever be the reason, we are all always looking for things that prove to us they are human too, just like us, with their own faults and virtues, and not some unreachable glamorous gods that we can never be. So, here are some less known facts about famous celebrities to satisfy your curiosity.

21 Gene Wilder hid Alzheimer’s to keep children smiling and happy.

Gene Wilder hid Alzheimer

Gene Wilder kept his Alzheimer’s diagnosis private to avoid disappointing children who loved him as Willy Wonka. He didn’t want to take away their smiles.


20 Sean Connery had to wear a hairpiece for all his James Bond movies because he began balding at the age of 21.

Sean Connery's Hair
Image Source: the007dossier

His portrayal of the most beloved British spy was very well-received. Despite his balding head, he was still cast in the subsequent movies and had to wear a toupee to cover it up.(source)

19 Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes went to the same school and once had a speed rap battle with each other in the cafeteria.

Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes
Image Source: soundvenue, consequenceofsound

According to an interview with MTV, Busta Rhymes competed with Jay-Z and lost to him. Jay-Z was apparently better than him at that time and Busta was soon out of breath by the time he finished with his rap. Later, along with their friend Notorious B.I.G, they went on to become one of the most successful in music industry.(source)


18Both Tom Hanks & George Clooney are related to Abraham Lincoln.

Tom Hanks, Abraham Lincoln and George Clooney
Image Source: hotstarz, Wikipedia Commons, usatoday

Taking around three centuries into account, the historians of Ancestry found that George Clooney is related to Lucy Hanks, the maternal grandmother of Lincoln. That makes Clooney the half-first cousin five times removed of Lincoln. Tom Hanks, on the other hand is related through the president’s mother, Nancy Hanks. That makes Hanks third cousin, four times removed.(source)

17 Brad Pitt’s first job was at an El Pollo Loco restaurant on Sunset Boulevard, where he had to dance in a chicken suit to attract customers.

Brad Pitt and Chicken Suit
Image Source: onegiantchicken, fryzuranadzis

Actors are known for doing several low key jobs to support themselves while pursuing jobs in the film industry. A lot of them are usually waitresses or bartenders while some have to bite their tongue and do weird odd jobs to make ends meet. So did Brad Pitt. Before he could become a successful star, he supported himself by driving strippers in a limo, moving refrigerators and even dressing up as a giant chicken to attract the customers while working at el Pollo Loco.(source)

16 When Mark Wahlberg was 16, he was charged with attempted murder and served 45 days in prison for beating a middle-aged Vietnamese man unconscious while calling him “Vietnamese f**king sh*t”.

Mark Wahlberg
Image Source: youtube, dvdsreleasedates

Mark Wahlberg’s teenage and young adult life was marred with racism and related crimes. The same day he attacked and beat the man unconscious, he also punched another Vietnamese man in the face. It wasn’t the first time he showed such aggressive behavior. When he was 13, he developed an addiction to cocaine and other substances. Two years later, a civil action was filed against him for harassing African-American children. However, when he was imprisoned he realized it wasn’t the kind of life he wanted to live and soon stated to improve his behavior by seeking the forgiveness of people he hurt. He certainly has come a long way from what he was in the past.(source)

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Picture 21 Less-Known Facts about Famous Celebrities
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