Oymyakon: A Town That Gets Colder than The Peak of Mt Everest

by Samuel Kiranga8 years ago
Picture Oymyakon: A Town That Gets Colder than The Peak of Mt Everest

Deep into the northwestern frontiers of Russia, a population of 500 people in a Siberian town called Oymyakon spends a few extra ounces of fuel everyday to keep their cars running overnight so as to ensure they’ll start the next day. They melt the earth in order to bury their dead and scurry around hurriedly across the streets to beat the cold.

The temperatures in Oymyakon dip as far down as –67.7 degrees Celsius in the winter and on average, they stick to around –46 degrees. The town has thus been named one of the coldest place on earth with human life. The coldest ever temperature recorded in Oymyakon was –71.2C.

Oymyakon Sign Post
A sign post with Oymyakon on it. Image Courtesy: www.amoschapplephoto.com
Cars stay on all night.
Cars stay on all night. Image Courtesy: www.amoschapplephoto.com
A Resident. Image Courtesy: www.amoschapplephoto.com
A lit store in the outback of Oymyakon Image Courtesy: www.amoschapplephoto.com
Frozen shoes in Oymyakon
Frozen Shoes left outside Image Courtesy: www.amoschapplephoto.com
Frozen building.
A frozen building. Image Courtesy: www.amoschapplephoto.com
Life in Oymyakon
A local woman enters Preobrazhensky Cathedral in a swirl of freezing mist. Image courtesy: www.amoschapplephoto.com

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Picture Oymyakon: A Town That Gets Colder than The Peak of Mt Everest
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