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“TSA Agent Stole Goods Worth $800,000 From Travelers Luggage. This Video Shows How They Do It”

A TSA agent was in 2012 convicted of stealing goods worth more than $800,000 from travelers. He said this was a common theft among airport security. Pythias Brown worked at Newark Liberty International as a Transportation Security Administration officer before his arrest. He had spent four years stealing laptops, clothes, Nintendo Wiis, cameras, video games and cash from luggage and security checkpoints.

A TSA agent was in 2012 convicted of stealing goods
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After a 3 years imprisonment, Brown spoke publicly about the theft. He located valuable items to steal with the help of X-ray scanners. He worked alone most of the time screening luggage behind ticket counters and the overhead surveillance cameras that had been installed to prevent theft were not working.
Brown claimed that most officers are prompted to steal due to the low pay they get and bad treatment. The TSA managers also never check the employee’s bags as they leave. This shows how extensive airport theft is and the problems passenger’s face when they travel with valuables.

Whether you’ve ever been a victim of luggage theft or not, this video is a must watch. It will help you protect yourself from theft as you travel. Airport crime is a reality and unfortunately many people realize they’ve been robbed when it’s too late and their items are gone.

This video will show you how the thieves break into your luggage and snitch anything they can from you. Even if you use a deadbolt lock, they will get into your checked luggage if they want something from it. Whether you are a frequent traveler or not, you need to watch this. Please also share it to help your friends protect themselves too.


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