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A rare case of brothers who turn paralyzed after sunset has baffled the doctors, Who are clueless about this medical condition.

Solar Kids

The world is full of strange mysteries that baffle and challenge the perception of mankind. New theories, experiences, factors shatter the previously held notions, prove that there still are many things in this world that elude¬†the knowledge of mankind. Here is a curious case of siblings of Pakistan referred as ‘Solar Kids’, who have confounded the medical practitioners with their unique ability – A case of normal kids who turn into vegetative state as soon as the sun goes down!

‘Solar Kids’ refers to two siblings from Pakistan whose medical condition has confounded the medical community.

solar kids
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The two boys aged nine and thirteen are normal, healthy and active boys by day. But once the sun begins to descend, so does their energy. By dusk, the boys slip into a vegetative state where they are unable to move or even speak.
Javed Akram, a professor of medicine at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences confessed that he had no idea about the mysterious illness plaguing the young kids.

The cost for the blood tests and treatment is borne by the government.

Blood Test
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The case has stirred interest among the medical fraternity in Pakistan. The doctors are conducting various tests to find the causative agent/factor that’s causing the mysterious paralysis in the children. Blood samples have been taken from the boys and some of the samples have been sent overseas for further investigation.
Researchers have also collected air and soil samples to determine whether the boys contracted the strange symptoms from these elements.


“My sons get energy from the sun,” says the boys’ father but doctors disagree.

solar kids with father
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Mohammed Hashim, the father of the two brothers hails from a village near Quetta, the capital of southwestern Baluchistan province. He married his first cousin and had six children in total. Two of the six children died at an early age and the other two children exhibit normal behavior.

While Mohammed Hashim thinks that Sun provides nourishing energy to his two sons, the doctors have repudiated this claim. They point out that the children manage well during the day, even when kept in a dark room or during rain storms (when clouds hide the sun).

The energetic kids have already mapped out their future goals as they await their test results.

rashid in car
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The children who are currently residing in the government hospital appear to be cheerful, energetic and full of beans like the boys of their age. Shoaib Ahmed, the 13-year-old plans on becoming a teacher while his brother Abdul Rashid wants to be an Islamic Scholar.

[source: NDTV]

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