This rare incident of ‘raining fish’ in India will leave you puzzled!

by Aswathy Gopinath9 years ago

Recently, a village in Andhra Pradesh in southern India was at the receiving end of a rather uncanny phenomenon: raining fish. Late last week, people in the Gollamundi village experienced a heavy downpour of quite another kind: hundreds of fish “fell from the sky” and into waterlogged fields and roads, with enthusiastic people collecting them and taking them home. In fact, so elated were the people that residents of adjacent villagers were informed and they, in turn, came flooding in to collect the fish.

According to villagers, the 4 to 6-inch long fish belong to the Vallaga species.

Fish rains may be uncanny, but they are not all that uncommon: last year, a Sri Lankan village experienced a similar phenomenon; in 2010, a similar incident was reported in Australia. The cause of this phenomenon is attributed to rain and tornadoes, and the consequent displacement when they pass over a water body; the fish are believed to be sucked up by these waterspouts in the event of a storm.

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Picture This rare incident of ‘raining fish’ in India will leave you puzzled!
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