Oymyakon: A Town That Gets Colder than The Peak of Mt Everest

It is no wonder that people here have to stay covered in warm clothing around the clock. In a single minute one can freeze to death if he stepped out into the open air in Oymyakon without clothes on.

A resident of Oymyakon crosses a snowy
A resident of Oymyakon crosses a snowy street. Image Source:
People waiting for buses.
People waiting for buses. Image Source:
A dog with snowy fur
A dog with snowy fur in Oymyakon Image Courtesy:
Oymyakon dogs
The fur on Oymyakon dogs is thicker to make them withstand the cold temperature Image Courtesy:
One can only imagine the health complications that can be developed from half a minute of nude sunbathing here. But backyard sunbathing isn’t a considered past time activity in the town of Oymyakon since there isn’t much sun to go around anyway. According to Dailymail, days can vary from 3 hours in winter and 21 hours in summer.

Farms animals kept inside the barn
Farms animals are kept inside the barn to stay warm overnight Image Courtesy:
Toilet in Oymyakon
Toilet in Oymyakon are built outside Image Courtesy:
A woman in a parka in Oymyakon
A woman in a parka in Oymyakon Image Courtesy:

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