Brian Shaw, the World’s Strongest Man, Makes Even the Massive Bodybuilders Look Tiny

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Picture Brian Shaw, the World’s Strongest Man, Makes Even the Massive Bodybuilders Look Tiny

When you think of strength, powerful athletic giants often come to mind. But standing face to face with Brian Shaw makes even the biggest bodybuilders look small. Standing at 6’8” tall (2.032 meters)  and weighing 425 pounds (192.7 kg), the world’s strongest man has a towering and muscular stature that will astound you.

However, his enormous size isn’t the only thing that draws attention. His extraordinary display of strength has reinforced his legacy. Over his two-decade career, Brian has pushed the very limits of human potential. From pulling semi-trucks to deadlifting twice his body weight without breaking a sweat, he has made the extraordinary look easy. Let us take a look at his incredible journey.

While Shaw Excelled on the Basketball Court, Weightlifting Truly Ignited His Soul

World’s Strongest Man
Brian Shaw has bagged the World’s Strongest Man title four times. Image Credit: SHAWSTRENGTH/

Brian Shaw hails from Fort Lupton, a small town in Weld County, Colorado. He was born on February 26, 1982, to Jay and Bonnie Shaw, who were both larger-than-average people. So, their genetics were passed on to Brian.


However, in his younger days at Fort Lupton High School, he was also renowned as a basketball player. Brian excelled in basketball and demonstrated his competence to such an extent that he received a scholarship to play at Otero Junior College and Black Hills State University.

Brian with professional bodybuilder Jay Cutler
Brian with professional bodybuilder Jay Cutler. Image Credit: Brian Shaw/

Interestingly, his passion shifted during college when he discovered a love for weightlifting while training to enhance his basketball skills. By his junior and senior years, weight training became Brian’s primary focus, leading him to decide on a career in strength and conditioning, prioritizing it over basketball.


Shaw’s high school basketball coach noted that even during his time playing basketball, Shaw was drawn to weight training and spending time in the weight room. This early interest in weightlifting and strength training became a consistent part of Shaw’s journey over the following years. Through his commitment to weightlifting and building physical power, Shaw has paved the path to enduring success in weightlifting competitions.

Brian’s Lack of Specialized Training Did Not Stop Him From Being Denver’s Strongest Man in 2005

Shaw stands tall at 6’8’’, weighing over 400 pounds
Shaw stands tall at 6’8’’, weighing over 400 pounds. Image Credit: Brian Shaw/

Shaw’s strongman career took off in 2005 when he won the Denver Strongest Man competition in October of that year without any specialized training! Just seven short months later, in June 2006, he competed in and earned his pro card by winning Utah’s Strongest Man. This marked his transition into the ranks of professional strongmen.


He steadily climbed the ladder in the World’s Strongest Man competition, coming in third place in 2009. Shaw continued ascending, claiming the runner-up spot in 2010. His dedication paid off in 2011 when he captured the ultimate title, defeating renowned powerlifter ŽydrÅ«nas Savickas to win the World’s Strongest Man title.

Brian Shaw pulling a massive truck
“Brian Shaw pulling a massive truck during the World’s Strongest Man championship. Image Credit: Shawstrength/

Shaw’s supremacy became even more apparent in 2015 when he defeated Savickas again and won the World’s Strongest Man title yet again. He proved this was no fluke by defending his title again the following year in 2016. Throughout the 2009–2021 period, Shaw reached the finals of World’s Strongest Man an astonishing 13 times, falling just outside the podium on only three occasions.


Additionally, he achieved three wins at the legendary Arnold Strongman Classic and twice earned the title of America’s Strongest Man. Shaw has also repeatedly pushed the limits of human strength, setting multiple world records in iconic tests of might, like deadlifting, Atlas stones, and keg tossing.

After Winning the Strongman Competition in 2023, the Strongest Man on Earth Retired

Strongest Man on Earth
Brian Shaw retired in August 2023, securing his final victory as the “Strongest Man on Earth” at the Shaw Classic Competition. Image Credit: Theshawclassic/

After securing one final championship title, legendary strongman Brian Shaw stepped away from competitive strength athletics in August 2023. At the Shaw Classic in Loveland, Colorado, the competition he founded himself, Brian clinched the honor of “Strongest Man on Earth” as a fitting end to an incredible run.


Brian had previously announced that 2023 would be his finale. He placed seventh at the World’s Strongest Man competition in April 2023. Brian has solidified his position among the all-time greats with a remarkable resume featuring multiple victories in the World’s Strongest Man and other prestigious strongman competitions.

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Picture Brian Shaw, the World’s Strongest Man, Makes Even the Massive Bodybuilders Look Tiny
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