Bruce Lee Facts that Prove Why he Will Never be Replaced

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Picture Bruce Lee Facts that Prove Why he Will Never be Replaced

Unless you were born yesterday or have been living under a rock, you will likely know of Bruce Lee and his extraordinary exploits. He was a master Kung Fu practitioner and is still widely regarded as the best martial artist of all time. Sadly, he only lived to be 32, after dying from an allergic reaction to the painkiller “Equagesic” in 1973. However, during his short time on Earth, he created an immortal legend.

Check out these Bruce Lee facts:

1 Bruce Lee had the ability to replace a dime on someone’s palm with a penny before they could close it.

Amazing bruce lee
Image source

2 The picture below shows Bruce Lee performing the “Dragon Flag“. A position he could reportedly hold for more than 30 minutes.

Bruce Lee performing dragon flag
Image source: imgur

3 Film directors had to shoot Bruce Lee’s fight scenes at 32 frames per second instead of the usual 24 because he was so fast and to make them seem more realistic!

bruce lee kick
Image source: imgur

4 It was determined that Bruce Lee’s speed to react and punch from a distance of three feet away was five hundredths of a second. 

bruce lee speed
Image source: tumblr

5 Bruce Lee once kicked a man so hard he broke the arm of the person behind him as he fell into him.

Bruce Lee with Bob Wall
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During an interview with Bob Wall (a close friend and colleague of Bruce Lee’s), he admitted that during a fight scene he got kicked so hard by Bruce, that he fell into a man standing behind him and broke his arm. Bob said he didn’t mind being hit so hard and which was perhaps the main reason he starred in three of Bruce Lee’s films.(source)

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Picture Bruce Lee Facts that Prove Why he Will Never be Replaced
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