A Mermaid’s Tail: A real-Life Mermaid Who Swims With the Sharks and Can Hold Her Breath for 2 Minutes Underwater

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Picture A Mermaid’s Tail: A real-Life Mermaid Who Swims With the Sharks and Can Hold Her Breath for 2 Minutes Underwater
Hannah Fraser, 36, is a professional underwater swimmer, ocean activist, model and artist. This Australian real-life mermaid who now lives in LA has been fascinated by mermaids since the age of three. She made her own mermaid tail using orange plastic material at the age of nine after watching the mermaid movie splash starring Daryl Hannah. Since her childhood, she has been practicing free diving and breath holding in her pool. In 2002, she made her second mermaid tail which was a long tail much evolved and functional than her childhood tail. This tail was made of a plastic boomerang, flippers and two hangers with a lot of duct tape inside the suit material.
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This ocean environmentalist has swum with various ocean creatures like sting rays, dolphins, sharks, sea lions, turtles, etc in the open ocean. Being an ocean activist, Hannah is presently working on a project with Cetaceans and Whaleman Foundation to end the slaughter of thousands of Whales and Dolphins all over the world.  She contributes a percentage of her earnings as a mermaid towards charity for anti-Whaling drives. Hannah also devotes her time to create exquisite handmade mermaid tails.

She says “Being in the ocean is where I feel the most free and expressive. You can feel the connection and abundance of life around you as they move with the same currents, work symbiotically to survive, and adapt to suit their environment. Most sea animals are curious and interested in the humans that enter their world with respect. “The ocean is the birthplace of life on Earth, and if I can be a visual link to inspire other humans who have become disconnected from this amazing world, I feel I have done something worthwhile.”
Hannah and her husband were very upset after seeing the slaughter of marine animals worldwide. People gave excuse of ‘scientific research’ for their unkind acts. To raise awareness for marine conservation, Hannah got herself shot as a mermaid in a children’s book, ‘The Surfer and the Mermaid’. Hannah’s shots were so pristine and beautiful in this book as compared to the horrific pictures of anti-whaling campaigns showing brutal acts of humans on the marine life.

Photo Courtesy: Shawn Heinrichs

Being an ocean environmentalist, Hannah has dedicated her life for the conversation of marine life. Hannah swam in the Sea of Japan with surfers, musicians and celebrities to stop the brutal attacks of local fishermen on thousands of dolphins in 2007. In 2009, Hannah swam with fourteen feet Great White Sharks in Mexico. She suggests that strict regulations should be made on the fishing industries to stop over fishing in various countries.

Hannah has worked in a number of movies and short films to spread the message that the killing and captivity of whales and dolphins must stop. Her previous works include Fiji Island: 2005; State Fisheries Department – Documentary: 2004; Heart’s Atlantis Short Film; Life like Liquid; Blue Horizon, etc. She is currently being shot by Rob Benavides for a documentary on her own life. She is also featured in a children’s book called Last Night I Swam with a Mermaid by Kimberley Muller.

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Picture A Mermaid’s Tail: A real-Life Mermaid Who Swims With the Sharks and Can Hold Her Breath for 2 Minutes Underwater
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