10 Mansions No One Wants to Buy for Any Price

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Picture 10 Mansions No One Wants to Buy for Any Price

Mansions have always been the symbol of being elite and royally rich. Would you be ready to take one if they are giving it away for free? Purchasing a mansion is an expensive affair. The maintenance alone on them is not cheap at all. But do you know that there are mansions nobody is ready to buy even if it is free or you could make it yours just for one dollar? Most mansions like these are either difficult to maintain or need relocation. Some houses are so remotely located that it has become extremely hard to sell them on the real estate market. Such celebrity hideouts and A-rated lifestyles are not for all, which is one reason why all these expensive mansions are available but no interested buyers, even after slashing the prices in half or offering to give it away for free. Check out these 10 mansion listings from around the world which are too good to be true but have no buyers.

1 Granot Loma

Location: Michigan, US

Price: $19.5 million

Granot Loma, a historic upper peninsula estate with the most expensive log cabin in the world has been on realtor listings on and off for years. The property, which is located in a very remote place, is facing a tough time getting any buyers.

The property was originally listed for $40 million, but years went by with no offers, they slashed the price to $19.5 million. Its remote location, weather, out-of-date interiors, and restoration needs are all reasons for having very few interested buyers. You get 415 acres of property, and house, and a mile of the shoreline with this property.

It is a 26,000-square-foot log cabin and farm with a total of 13 buildings. It has a pool, orchard, and even a wind turbine. It is a very spectacular property owned by Tom Baldwin. The house has a 24-foot high ceiling, a wine cellar, and a hot tub. 

It was one of the most viewed properties on Realtor.com. Even though they got some interested parties, none of the deals went through. The owner took the property off the market and slashed the price to half of what he was expecting the property to sell for.

The place was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1991. The original construction of this cost only $5 million. (Source)


2 Lynnewood Hall 

Location: Pennsylvania, US

Price: $16 Million

Lynnewood Hall
Image credits: FMS57/Shutterstock.com

Lynnewood Hall, a house filled with fascinating secrets and much tragedy, has been on- and off-market for several years now. Located in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, the mansion was built in 1897. It is one of the largest remaining Neoclassical Revival Architecture from the Gilded Age. 

Lynnewood Hall
Image credits: Loveproperty.com

The house was built in 1900 for the industrialist Peter A.B. Widener. It cost him $8 million to build the mansion with 110 rooms. Widener lost his eldest son and a grandson in the Titanic incident. Only his wife Elanor escaped.

Later, after Widener’s death, nobody in his family wanted to take the responsibility of maintaining the house. The house was sold for $130,000 in 1948. The last owner was a secretive leader of a Korean church who intended to declare it as a seminary to reduce property tax but failed.

The real estate agents say it takes around $3 million to $7 million annually to carry out maintenance. 

The house was featured in the 1991 Oscar-winning film The Silence of the Lambs. (Source)


3 Aubrey Lewis’ house

Location: Montclair, New Jersey

Price: $10 

Aubrey Lewis' house
Image credits: Apartmenttherapy.com

Aubrey Lewis’ house in Montclair, New Jersey was up for sale for only $10 when it was listed in 2017 one final time to attract buyers. The catch was that the buyer had to move it somewhere else. The council even offered a $10,000 move-in bonus but still could not find buyers. 

Aubrey Lewis's house
Image credits: Apartmenttherapy.com

The 4,000-square-foot Victorian mansion was expected to attract a lot of buyers because of the price tag. It was never sold, and the city council had to demolish the place. The reason it never sold was that whoever was buying had to move and relocate the house to somewhere else, which will be a very pricey bill.

Aubrey Lewis's house
Image credits: Apartmenttherapy.com

A buyer would need $200,000 extra to move the house and more charges to buy a plot nearby. The neighborhood lost a beautiful and historic mansion to pave way for a cluster of homes in its place.

The 110-year-old mansion was an architectural mansion that sat on 2.7 acres. The place was home to an All-American athlete with his wife and five children. (Source)


4 Four-bedroom house in Jordan. 

Location: Minnesota, US

Price: Free

The four-bedroom house in Jordan
Image credits: John Wiese/nypost.com

A Minnesota homeowner is selling her four-bedroom house for zero bucks. The house was inherited by Kochlin from her grandmother in 2011, and the owner is looking for a buyer who would buy it to preserve its history. This house has to be relocated because of a zoning issue. It is going to cost $50,000 to move the house and $150,000 more for repairs. 

Kochlin’s grandmother was then the first female mayor of Jordan. She moved here in her 80s. The owner says that the architecture is “pretty outsider,” and there is no old-era charm inside the house. She mentioned that the house has orange countertops and designs from an era when nobody had any taste.

Up until the death of the previous owner, the house was used as a storage unit as there was no electrical and plumbing. Kochlin considered making the place into a complex, but the property was between a hill and highway, which made it impossible to have a parking space.

She is selling it for free, but can not find an owner whom she could trust to keep the building intact preserving its history. (Source)


5 Tudor-style homes

Location: Boston Edison, Detroit

Price: $1,000

Tudor-style homes
Image credits: huffpost.com

Tudor-style homes in Boston Edison, Detroit were listed for $1,000. Unbelievable? These mansions with seven bedrooms, 69 windows, and an indoor fountain are all owned by the city in a widespread abandoned area.

Tudor-style homes
Image credits: huffpost.com

They were listed in the Building Detroit home auction that the city is hosting for houses starting at $10,000. The homes need extensive repair to be done on them to make them a livable place. 

Tudor-style homes here were made in the 1920s in the historic neighborhood of Boston Edison. It has boulevards, spacious lots, early 20th-century houses, and huge mansions. The mansions here are 4,200 square feet but are in dire need of extensive repairs.

These colonial and spacious houses need electrical, plumbing, and more repairs. The city is hoping to sell 400 homes through auction. (Source)

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Picture 10 Mansions No One Wants to Buy for Any Price
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