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10 Mansions No One Wants to Buy for Any Price

6. S K Pierce Mansion 

Location: West Broadway, US

Price: $ 472,100

S.K. Pierce Victorian Mansion
Image credits: Zillow Listings via ABCNews

The S K Piece’s Victorian Mansion 1875 has always been a source of some spine-chilling stories for the buyers. The mansion built by Sylvester Pierce, a chair manufacturer, is apparently haunted by ghosts as claimed by six mediums and paranormal experts. 

S.K. Pierce Victorian Mansion
Image credits: Zillow Listings via ABCNews

The mansion inspired many movies like The Addams Family and Psycho with its ghoulish charm. Several paranormal researchers have certified it as haunted.

S.K. Pierce Victorian Mansion
Image credits: Zillow Listings via ABCNews

The place belonged to Sylvester K. Pierce who was a South Gardner chair manufacturer. The mansion took one and half years to build with 200 men working around the clock. The house has a tunnel leading from the basement towards his chair factory. 

Many owners kept the haunted story going so that they could maintain their privacy. By 2015, the Dark Carnival, acquired the property. They run a circus-themed haunted attraction.

The intent is to revitalize the area and restore the place to its former glory. The mansion has also been featured in Thomas D’Agostino’s Haunted Massachusetts. (Source)


7. Villa Maggio

Location: California, US

Price: $4.25 million

Villa Maggio
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Frank Sinatra’s hideaway in Palm Desert has been on and off the market for 14 years now. It is named “Villa Maggio” after his character in From Here To Eternity. The experts think it is not getting a buyer because of the middle-of-nowhere location.

Villa Maggio
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Frank Sinatra’s secluded retreat is a five-bedroom, six-bathroom, secluded retreat. It is cozy and wood-shingled. This rustic charm is now available in the market, but they could not find a possible buyer because of the remoteness.

Villa Maggio
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The house was first listed in the market for $3.95 million and has been on and off since 2014. The house is a 3,880-square-foot main residence with a full kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, and deck.

The entire property opens up to a breathtaking mountain view and has a helicopter pad. Sinatra lived in this hideout for almost 12 years where he welcomed only his A-list friends. (Source)


8. The Victorian Folly

Location: Hampshire, UK

Price: 2.5 million Euros

The Victorian Folly
Image credits: Caters News Agency/

The Victorian Folly, 218 feet high, is finding it hard to attract buyers because of the towering nature and 330 steps to get to the top of it. The building is the world’s tallest building with unreinforced concrete. 

The tower has a six-foot-deep swimming pool. The structure was owned by businessman and entrepreneur Paul Atlas. The house offers incredible views. The 14-story tower house is one of a kind. It was built in the 1880s.

The windows can be removed to get the furniture in and out of the house. The best thing about the tower house is that the tower makes 35,000 euros income a year as it is used by emergency services and two mobile phone providers. 

The property was first listed in 2018, but they could not find a buyer after 45 days of listing. Paul’s grandfather lived on the 14th floor since 1995 and raised his two kids in this house. (Source)

9. Bubble Palace (Le Palais Bulles)

Location: France

Price: $387 million

Bubble Palace
Image credits:

The Bubble Palace in France has hit the market after the death of the owner. This place, even though not listed as a historic monument, has specified the new owner cannot make any change after purchase to the basic structure of the house. It is the most expensive European property. 

This most surreal property on the face of the Earth is the best retreat during the pandemic. The place overlooks the Bay of Cannes. It was owned by Piere Cardin, a renowned haute couture designer.

It is a 29-room villa in a bubble style which spreads out over six levels. It has a 180-degree view of the Mediterranean. The Bubble Palace covers nearly 13,000 square feet. 

The place has a panoramic lounge, swimming pools, and an auditorium that can seat 500 people overlooking the bay. (Source)


10. Updown Court

Location: Surrey, UK

Price: $75 million

Updown court
Image credits: Wikimedia

Updown Court in Windlesham, Surrey, was on the market for 75 million euros six years ago. It is yet to find a new owner as buyers believe it to be too expensive to maintain a 103-bedroom house. It is now under Ireland’s National Asset Management Agency.

Updown Court
Image credits: Updown Court/Business Insider

It is one of the most expensive houses in Britain. The place has defaulted on a mortgage of $50 million. The mansion is set on 11 acres of 58 acres of land with 24 en-suite rooms and five swimming pools.

With no buyer in place, the maintenance increased to 1.5 million euros a year. The owners have spent almost 30 million euros on renovation. This neo-classical mansion in Californian style was built in 2002. It was once owned by Prince Sami Gayed of Egypt. 

The house consists of a 50-seat cinema, a bowling alley, a squash court, a panic room, and 3,000 bottles of wine in the wine cellar. The original Updown Court had survived a fire in 1987 when a tree fell on it and ruptured the gas line.

The place was later acquired by two investors who eventually went bankrupt. The house is currently under the National Asset Management Agency of Ireland for failure to pay the mortgage. (Source)

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