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Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos Which Have Been Fooling Around People.

Dramatic images of Hurricane Sandy appeared across Facebook, Twitter and blogs as the storm hit the US- but many were not what they seemed.they spread like a viral on social networking sites like facebook and twitter.

sandy hoax

Some came from Hollywood movies, sharks have been photoshopped, and old pictures portrayed as new, but that hasn’t stopped many becoming viral sensations.

Here Are Some Photos You Might Have Seen Before..

1. The Statue of Liberty

couple of photographs of The statue of liberty have been manipulated and you might be familiar of them..

sandy hoax

well this photo is a wallpaper from the film The Day After Tomorrow.

sandy hoax
Also this supercell thunderstorm over The statue of liberty..

sandy hoax

Well The striking image is a Photoshop job, combining a photo of the New York harbor with a 2004 shot taken by photographer Mike Hollingshead..

sandy hoax

2. Flooded McDonald’s

Also in the not-fake-but-not-Sandy category is this picture purporting to be from a hurricane-ravaged McDonald’s in Virginia.

sandy hoax

It’s not. In a case of life imitating art, the photo is from a 2009 installation/film called, appropriately enough, Flooded McDonald’s

3.New Jersey sharks.

Well these are most popular hoax of sandy hoax,which have fooled most of people on social networking sites..

sandy hoax

this one is good example of photoshop, this photo is taken by By Scott the Hobo(flickr).

sandy hoax

and this one is taken from here.

also this one
sandy hoax

its taken from here.

4.Scuba Diver In Subway Station.

In this imaginative mash-up, a scuba diver explores the 14th Street-Union Square subway stop in Manhattan:

sandy hoax

this picture is an conceptual image,taken from GIZMODO.and this has been around since before the storm, thanks to snopes for revealing truth.

5. BlackOut In North America.

This phony satellite photo of the United States was widely circulated via email, following the August, 2003 North American Power Blackout. Many viewers accepted it as authentic.

sandy hoax

well snopes explained it here ,why its fake..

6. Man Carrying Dog In Flood.

sandy hoax

It was taken in the Philippines during Tropical Storm was circulating back in december 2011 as Tropical Storm Sendong [Washi] hit the Island of Mindanao, Philippines.

 Find More Here At Snopes..

So Did You Share Any Of These Photos ?

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