10 Strangest Mysteries that Are still Unsolved

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3 Alberto Nisman, an Argentinian lawyer who was the chief investigator in the 1994 car bombing of the Jewish center in Buenos Aires, was found dead hours before he was scheduled to report incriminating evidence against high-ranking officials.
Alberto Nisman
Alberto Nisman. The picture of a gun is for representational purposes only. Image credits: GDA/Fabián Marelli via La Nacion

Alberto Nisman, a lawyer who specialized in international terrorism, was the special prosecutor in charge of the 1994 AMIA bombing investigation, which killed 85 people. In 2015, he accused the then-president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez, of trying to cover up the alleged role of Iranian officials in the attack. He even submitted a 300-page document based on his claims and the wiretap transcripts. The president denied these allegations.

He was found dead in the early hours of June 19th, 2015, the same day he was scheduled to report the incriminating evidence he had against all the high-ranking officials to the Criminal Law Committee of the Chamber of Deputies. He was found with a bullet in his right temple and a pistol lying next to him.

Since it occurred inside a locked bathroom which didn’t appear to been tampered with, the initial police reports and autopsies concluded that it was suicide. But questions soon arose if it was done to get rid of him as he posed a threat to both the Argentine and Iranian governments.

When a new judge took over this case, he instructed a third party to investigate as there were too many mishandlings of evidence and irregularities present. The border police agency reported that Nisman was drugged and beaten by two people before they finally shot him to death. There were other forensic reports submitted by his family and a collaborator, which stated otherwise.

So, ultimately, with all of the mixed reports, it was not proven if it was suicide, forced suicide, or murder. Theories from his friends and family claim that the government might have been involved in his assassination and that the suicide report was just a coverup. Five years later, the question of whether he killed himself or was murdered is still a mystery. (source)


4 The 1979 disappearance of the boat, Sarah Joe, in which five men set off on a fishing trip off the coast of Maui but never returned. Their boat vanished because of a storm but was found ten years later on a remote atoll 2,300 miles away with a makeshift grave for one of its crew members.

The Sarah Joe
(To the left) The Sarah Joe (to the right) A Sarah Joe memorial sign, placed at Hana Bay boat ramp. Image credits: Mauinews.com

One fine morning on February 11, 1979, five men from the Hawaiian island, Maui decided to take a day off from their construction work and go fishing to enjoy the beautiful calm weather. They borrowed a 17-foot fiberglass Boston whaler named Sarah Joe and set off into the Alenuihaha Channel. However, by afternoon, the area was hit by a violent storm, and Sarah Joe did not return. An extensive search was conducted by the Coast Guard but in vain. Having found no trace of them, the search was officially suspended after five days.

Around ten years later, on September 10, 1988, the National Marine Fisheries Service stumbled upon the wreckage of the Sarah Joe while performing a wildlife survey in the Marshall Islands. They arrived on Taongi, an atoll that is located in the Pacific Ocean over 2,300 miles away from Hawaii. Besides the wreckage of Sarah Joe where the engine was wedged in the coral reef, they also found a makeshift grave with a driftwood cross and a human jaw bone wedged beneath a pile of stones. Underneath the rubble, they found the remains of Scott Moorman, one of the five missing crew members. Dental and medical records were used to identify him.

A forensic examination was performed, but they could not determine Moorman’s cause of death or the exact time period he died. Even if the Sarah Joe drifted 2,000 miles to the atoll, it would have taken three months. His family believes he could have been alive when he drifted ashore but only died due to a lack of freshwater.

But in 1985, three years before the discovery of the wreckage, the United States Department of the Interior performed a geological survey in Taongi, and they claimed that there was no sign of the Sarah Joe or the grave there. There was no trace of the other four missing men. Nobody knows how the Sarah Joe wound up so far away, and if any of the crew members were still alive when it arrived.

And who buried Scott Moorman? (1, 2)

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