10 Of The Most Creepy Spots On Earth

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Picture 10 Of The Most Creepy Spots On Earth

There are a lot of reasons that make a place creepy: it could be a terrifying history, the eerie sense of unease a place gets when abandoned or its ominous architecture. That however does not deter us, especially the adventurous type, from wanting to visit these places. There’s something fascinating about checking out a creepy place and the adventurer in us just wants to confirm that we don’t scare easily.

10 Of The Most Creepy Spots On Earth

So just in case you are in the mood to taunt death in the future, Here are some terrifying places you can visit.

10 Island of the dolls in Mexico.

Island of the dolls in Mexico
Image source: www.emlii.com

This place ranks among the freakiest places you could ever find yourself in. Thousands of old battered dolls can be found hanging from trees and they cover the entire island.(source)

9 Winchester House

Winchester House
Image Source: hybridtechcar.com

The Winchester house looks like a relatively normal old mansion from the outside, but Sarah, widow of the former residence of gun magnate, William Manchester, believed the house was haunted by gun victims of his husband. She kept building bizarre stairs and doors that led nowhere so as to try and keep the ghosts from ever finding her.(source)

8 Leap Castle in Ireland

Leap Castle in Ireland
Image Source

Located in Ireland, the castle has a bloody history of violent rivalries and executions. It is thought to be haunted to this day, especially after a team of renovators discovered a pit full of spikes and human remains, not so long ago.(source)


7 Matsuo Mine in Japan

Matsuo Mine in Japan
Image source: www.michaeljohngrist.com

Matsuo mine was once a bustling sulfur mine before it was abandoned. If you would like to check it out now, you would be met by a giant wall of mist constantly hiding it from view. This makes it look like a scary ghost town.(source)

6 Centralia in Pennsylvania

Centralia in Pennsylvania
image source: www.wikipedia.org

A mine fire in Centralia has been burning since 1962 and has left the town abandoned almost entirely. The place looks like a cut scene from the Silent Hill game. In fact, Centralia was one of the inspirations for the game.

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Picture 10 Of The Most Creepy Spots On Earth
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