10 of the Most Useful Websites for Students

by Rinku Bhattacharjee1 year ago
Picture 10 of the Most Useful Websites for Students

Student life is anything but easy! Independent students need to juggle classes, assignments, and presentations while managing personal finances and preparing for a career. To be successful, modern students either have to learn several new skills fast or risk being confused, clueless, and penniless. Thankfully, the Internet has made it a lot easier for students with its abundant resources. From letting students download any research paper or book they need for free to helping them write their research papers, here are 10 of the most useful websites for students.

1 Student.com

Student.com is the world’s leading student accommodation marketplace, and it helps international students find residential accommodation. It stands out from other real estate marketplaces in that it focuses solely on the student accommodation market and connects students to professional landlords.

The website is easy to navigate and use. You can look for accommodation options by college, city, or property. The listings are fairly extensive and offer all the necessary information, including address, proximity to college/university, facilities included, photos of the property, and rent.

2 Archive.org

Archive.org, also known as the “Internet Archive,” is a digital library that seeks to offer “universal access to all knowledge.” The website offers free public access to a wide range of collections of digitized materials, including music, movies, images, and software applications.

The best part is that the website gives free access to books! As of 2022, the Internet Archive has over 35 million books and texts. If the website has more than one copy of a particular book, you can download it for up to 14 days. Some rare books require you to join a waitlist. You can also read the books online without downloading them.


3 Linguee.com

Linguee, an online bilingual concordance, is an excellent tool that makes learning new languages easy and effective. The website provides an online dictionary for several language pairs, and it does a better job than Google Translate when it comes to understanding the context and finding the accurate word for the occasion.

The website can maintain its accuracy and relevance by indexing millions of online translations generated by real people.  It is highly useful for international students who aren’t fluent in the country’s native language. Linguee can not only help them find the right word for the situation but also offer comparable idioms.

4 Wolframalpha.com

If you struggle with complex math calculations, WolframAlpha can be your savior. This sophisticated answer engine offers answers to factual queries, and it does so by computing answers from data that is sourced externally.

Students, number-crunchers, and mathematicians love WolframAlpha because it covers a wide range of calculations and functions. From basic addition and subtraction to something as complex as locating the inflection points of a function, this handy website can handle it all. It also boasts impressive plotting and graphics capabilities.


5 EduBirdie.com

A large number of students struggle with essay writing. If you are one of them, you must dread your essay writing assignments. Submitting well-researched and well-written essays is crucial for maintaining good grades. However, if your writing skills aren’t at par, you can rely on professionals to help you out.

Professional writing service Edubirdie provides research paper writing help to students at various academic levels and with different backgrounds. The website gives you access to a team of Ph.D. writers who can write impeccable research papers for you. All you have to do is choose your preferred writer, provide the assignment details, and set the deadline. You can even chat with the experts for free!

6 Sci-hub.se

Sci-Hub is dubbed as the most controversial project in modern science. What started off as a tool to provide quick access to scientific journals has now turned into a movement to provide free and unrestricted access to all scientific knowledge.

The website provides free access to millions of books and research papers by bypassing the paywalls imposed by publishers. Sci-Hub currently has a database of over 88,343,822 research papers and books.


7 Khanacademy.org

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization that offers a set of online tools to educate students. If you wish to take free online courses to develop new skills, this website allows you to do just that from anywhere, anytime.

This organization provides online learning resources in the form of videos. The website also provides supplementary practice materials and exercises for education. The organization has produced more than 8,000 video lessons on a range of academic subjects, mainly focusing on science and mathematics.

8 Codecademy

Students who want to learn coding in their spare time without spending money can check out Codecademy. This online interactive platform offers free coding classes in around 12 different programming languages, including JavaScript, Go, Java, Ruby, SQL, C#, C++, and more.

The most popular courses offered by Codecademy have been tried and tested by thousands of developers around the world. The courses are interactive to help you learn easily. They also update the courses regularly to teach you the industry’s best practices.

There is also a premium version of Codecademy that gives you access to personalized quizzes, learning plans, and realistic projects.


9 HyperPhysics

If you are having trouble learning physics, you should check out HyperPhysics. This website is a physics encyclopedia with a network of cross-linked articles on various topics starting from acceleration to the Zeeman Effect. The website has existed since 1998 and appears in all the top results for physics-related searches on Google.

Apart from basic information, relevant mathematical expressions, and diagrams, the website also contains features for calculating numerical answers to questions. The primary goal of the website is to make physics more easily digestible for those who struggle with it.

10 PaperRater.com

Every student needs a good grammar and plagiarism checker that can help them finalize their papers and assignments. PaperRater is one such tool that helps you proofread and spell check. The tool also lets you know if anything on the document is plagiarized.

The tool has a paid and a free version available. While there are other more popular tools in the same niche, most of them cost more than PaperRater. So, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to tools such as Grammarly, this is it!

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Picture 10 of the Most Useful Websites for Students
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