10 Cool Gadgets You Would Love to Have

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Picture 10 Cool Gadgets You Would Love to Have

Remember the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter? How cool would it be if we were able to keep apace with everyone we cared about at every step of the way or be sure to avoid a particular route when it came to people we didn’t want to meet? The worlds of literature and cinema have invented many such cool gadgets that make us long for them too.

Well, with the advent of GPS and Google Maps, we can track each other’s journeys and the magic of the Marauder’s Map has become a reality today. Technology is one such facet of the modern times which is constantly evolving, and the ingenuity of every new creation seems to surpass its predecessors. Here are 10 such cool gadgets which may seem too incredulous to be on our wish lists, but believe it or not, they actually exist.

1 This fluid-filled helmet mimics your body’s defense systems and protects your brain from fatal damages.

Fluid inside helmets
Image credits: Fluid Inside

We’re all familiar with the warning that an injury to our head can prove to be fatal. Be it a road accident or a mishap during a sporting activity, any impact to the brain can have deadly consequences. Using extensive scientific research spanning over 25 years, Fluid Inside has developed a helmet which is lined on the inside with fluid-filled pods, containing a liquid which simulates the cerebrospinal fluids in our brains to activate our defense systems. The matrix of fluid-filled pods offers an additional layer of protection to our brains and absorbs the impact from a sudden injury before it reaches our skulls.

The fluid-filled pods are engineered in a way to act as the first line of defense and mitigate the severity of the damage in case of a crash or a collision. At the moment of impact, the foam compresses to provide added low, linear-impact protection. Scientists have affirmed that in order to mitigate an injury, both linear and rotational forces of the impact has to be tackled. Accordingly, the helmet’s materials respond to both types of shear to minimize the damage. Motorists, bikers, cyclists, and other athletes swear by this helmet since it promises a reduction of so many fatalities. (1, 2)

2 These “smart glasses” adjust to your vision automatically. The glasses’ liquid lenses change shape according to the distance of objects, making having both reading glasses and bifocals unnecessary.

Bye Bye Bifocals
Image credits: University of Utah

Be it the difficulty to see through your glasses in the dark or having the lenses blurred by rains, spectacle woes can be really frustrating. This invention from the University of Utah cannot only be a one-stop solution to all your troubles with the glasses but also promises to enhance the range of vision like never before.

Wittily named “Bye-Bye Bifocals,” these smart glasses have liquid-filled lenses which adjust the focus and facilitate clearer vision. They are designed in a way to replace bifocal lenses and instead lets you see both distant and close-by objects without any difficulty.

Often the lenses of our eyes are unable to change shape to adjust to varying distances from an object. The Bye-Bye Bifocals are comprised of lenses made of glycerine and are enclosed in flexible membranes fitted with distant meters which prompt our eyes to easily adjust from one object to the other within as small a span as 14 milliseconds. Trendy to look at and revolutionary in their functionality, these smart glasses are really a blessing. (1, 2)


3 Smart rings that let you feel your loved one’s heartbeat irrespective of the physical distance between the two of you.

Touch rings
Image credits: The Touch/Facebook

Since time immemorial, rings have symbolized the union of two hearts. This ingenious technology took this idea a step ahead and is a special kind of ring which is actually the repository of the heartbeat of your special one. These “HB Rings” are designed with sophisticated technology that captures the heartbeat of your loved one and saves it for you to carry with you wherever you go. Developed by The Touch, the HB Rings connect to an app via Bluetooth which lets the wearers sync their heartbeats to the ring without being physically next to each other. Upon syncing your heartbeats, activate the ring by simply tapping on it. The developers of this cool gadget have dedicated two and a half years of research to provide the rings with actual lighting that resonates the pulses of the wearer.

The HB Ring saves the heartbeat and therefore lets you feel your loved one’s heartbeat in real-time. All you need is the ring on your finger and a steady Internet connection. The HB Rings are exquisitely designed in durable, unibody, sapphire crystal. You might even want to go for the rose-gold option if the sleek stainless steel body of the rings doesn’t excite you. With the new HB Rings, you can literally carry your special one’s heart in your own heart, or finger for that matter. (1, 2)

4 CUDA is a jetpack that propels you handsfree underwater within a few seconds.

Have the wonders of the underwater world ever caught your fancy, but the whole diving paraphernalia starting from the cylinders and the masks to the ridiculous fins made it look way too intimidating to give it a shot?

Archie O’Brien, a student from Loughborough University, developed a prototype of an underwater jetpack called “CUDA” that can transform your diving experience forever and spare you all the clumsy gear. Starting as a school project, Brien’s revolutionary idea developed into this thrilling jetpack which consists of 45 3-D printed parts, all assembled together.

This jetpack can propel you through waters at any depth within seconds, and the speed and direction can all be monitored by you through a control device. Unlike the traditional diving gear which requires physically steering through the water, this cool gadget offers an effortless underwater feel. What is even more exciting is this battery-powered jetpack comes in the form of a portable backpack which you can just slide on, and you’re all set for an adventure of a lifetime. CUDA is currently in its prototype format, but the commercial versions are soon expected to flood the markets. (1, 2)


5 This incredible charger juices up your phone while It floats in mid-air.

Image credits: Kickstarter

Tired of hunting a compatible plug point to get that much-needed juice for your phone?

OvRcharge promises to be a one-stop solution to all your phone charging troubles. OvRcharge not only provides a reliable and durable charging solution but also adds a tinge to magic to the process. Forget about plugs and wires. With OvRcharge, you can have your phone all juiced up while it floats in mid-air.

This sterling invention works on electromagnetic technology and uses a magnetic field to levitate the phone and hold it in position while charging it. OvRcharge is comprised of an ultra-thin case which has electronic receivers to charge a phone and a magnet to lift the phone up. All you need to do is to place the phone slightly above the case in the range of the magnetic field and let the magic unfold. OvRcharge charges your phone while it floats and spins slowly in mid-air. Currently, a kickstarter project, this cool gadget is compatible with iOs devices and most popular Android phones. (1, 2)

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Picture 10 Cool Gadgets You Would Love to Have
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