13 Actors You Know by Face but Not by Name

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Picture 13 Actors You Know by Face but Not by Name

Most of us are fond of watching movies, and we all come across characters that are being played by some familiar faces. Although we do not really know much about those faces, we do have them saved in our memories. There are actors/actresses who have played varied, popular characters and are still lesser-known in terms of their names and personal life. So after having gone through the list below, you will be able to identify the actor while watching one of his movies. Here we bring you a list of 13 actors you know by face but not by name.

13 Peter Ostrum from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Peter Ostrum
Peter Ostrum. Image credit: Warner Bros.

Remember the wide-eyed, innocent Charlie from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? That’s Peter Ostrum in his one and only film role. After his brief stint in Hollywood, Ostrum chose a quieter life, pursuing a career in veterinary medicine rather than continuing to act. Despite his significant role in such a popular film, he might not be a household name, but his face remains unforgettable for many who grew up cherishing the movie. Interestingly, Ostrum still earns a modest royalty from the film, about $8 to $9 every three months, a small reminder of his brief brush with cinematic fame. (source)


12 Character actress Margo Martindale

Margo Martindale
Margo Martindale. Image credits: 20th Television

Margo Martindale is a character actress not known by name to most of us. She is a popular figure in Hollywood who has worked a lot on television, film, and onstage productions.

Martindale has even won awards such as Primetime Emmy Award and a Critic’s Choice Award for her role on Justified. She even got nominated for the Emmy Award four times, of which she won two for her recurring role as Claudia on The Americans.

Martindale was born on July 19, 1951, in Jacksonville, has a spouse and one child. Her father was called a champion dog handler, while her oldest brother is a professional golfer. Margo has also plays a very good game of golf.

Martindale has played supporting roles in a lot of movies such as Dead Man Walking, Orphan, Hannah Montana: The Movie, and Million Dollar Baby. She even got nominated for a Tony Award for the Best Featured Actress in 2004 for her performance in the play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Another of her magnificent works includes the Netflix adult-animated show, BoJack Horseman. (1, 2)


11 Noel Gugliemi (aka the guy that always plays “Hector”)

Noel Gugliemi
Noel Gugliemi. Image credits: Universal Pictures

Noel, discovered during an acting class, is one of Hollywood’s most recognized faces today, with more than 150 large and small-screen credits to his name in his 25-year-old career.

This only surprises us because many of us are still unaware of his name. He has been a significant part of Fast and Furious as Hector, Bruce Almighty, The Walking Dead, The Dark Knight Rises, and hundreds more.

Noel is an American actor who is best known for his portrayals of southern Californian gangsters. He even delivers motivational speeches at churches, businesses, and schools and tells people to avoid involvement with gangs. He was abandoned by his parents, which made him homeless and led him into a criminal life. (1, 2)


10. James Hong

James Hong
James Hong. Image credits: ITC Entertainment

James Hong, age 92, is an American actor, producer, and director. He was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Having studied civil engineering, he later got interested in acting. He’s been a road engineer, a profession he later quit, to devote himself to the acting field. Hong has also served in the United States Army.

Having worked in over 600 movies, TV shows, and video games throughout his career, Hong is at an age of 92 today. He gained popularity from his work in the crime series The New Adventures of Charlie Chan and numerous appearances in Hawaii Five-O. However, he is best known for his roles in Hollywood’s Chinatown, Airplane!, Blade Runner, and Big Trouble in Little China.

Hong’s been a voice actor too and used his voice in Kung Fu Panda and the television series Jackie Chan Adventures. He even provided the voice for several characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender and is one of the most prolific English-speaking actors of all time.

Hong has contributed to the establishment of the East-West Players, the longest continuously running theatre of color in the US, to enhance Asian-American representation in the industry. (1, 2)


9 Christopher McDonald, or as you all know him, “Shooter McGavin”

Christopher McDonald
Christopher McDonald. Image credits: Universal Pictures

Christopher McDonald was born on February 15, 1955, in New York City, US. He is of Irish descent and a practicing Catholic. A prominent fan of the Buffalo Bills, he’s been a friend of former Bill’s quarterback, Jim Kelly.

McDonald is an American film, voice, and television actor. He is best known for his works as Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore, Darryl Dickinson in Thelma and Louise, Ward Cleaver in the film adaptation of Leave It to Beaver, Tappy Tibbons in Requiem for a Dream, and Kent Mansley in The Iron Giant.

McDonald has been a part of numerous films as well as television roles. He has mostly played supporting roles and often portrayed villains. (1, 2)


8 James Rebhorn

James Rebhorn
James Rebhorn. Image credits: 20th Century Fox

James Rebhorn was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rebhorn and was an American actor who appeared in over 100 films, plays, and television series. He was a part of films such as Scent of a Woman, Independence Day, Carlito’s Way, My Cousin Vinny and Meet the Parents. At the time of his death in 2014, Rebhorn had recurring roles in the series Homeland and White Collar.

One of his best performances was seen in Independence Day where he played the Secretary of Defense. He had been nominated once for the Gold Derby Award in 2003 and once for Soap Opera Digest Award in the year 1992. Having had a wife and two children, he died on March 21, 2014. (1, 2)


7 Cliff Curtis

Cliff Curtis
Cliff Curtis. Image credits: 20th Century Fox

Clifford Vivian Devon Curtis is a New Zealand actor. He’s unique in his own ways, for he’s never played anything like himself, but he shows up everywhere. He’s Maori but often plays Hispanic and Arabic characters.

Live Free or Die Hard, Six Days Seven Nights, The Insider, Bringing Out the Dead, Collateral Damage, The Dark Horse, Training Day, Three Kings, and Hobbs & Shaw, and many others, are among his popular works. He’s worked with a lot of the biggest stars and directors.

Curtis, born on July 27, 1968, is one of eight children and has performed as a breakdancer in certain competitions during his early life. Curtis has been a winner of the Best Performance by an Actor award at the 2014 Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

He is also a co-owner of the independent New Zealand production company Whenua Films. His first film was the Oscar-nominated The Piano where he played a small part. He even owns the Best Actor awards for Jubilee and The Dark Horse. (1, 2)

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Picture 13 Actors You Know by Face but Not by Name
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