22 Mysterious facts and incidents that still remain unexplained to this date!

by Ashley Blodgett9 years ago
Picture 22 Mysterious facts and incidents that still remain unexplained to this date!

There are disturbing, mysterious facts in the world that some might have a hard time believing. Unknown phenomena and pieces of lost history turn up almost every day. In this page, we show you some of the most puzzling things that even some of the smartest minds can’t figure out.

1 Found over 2,000 years after her death, one of the world’s well-preserved ancient human remains was buried in a mysterious liquid that scientists still can’t replicate.

Lady Dais of the Han Dynasty is China’s eternal mummy. Her skin was still soft, and her arms and legs could flex at the joints, and remains to this day, the most well-preserved ancient human ever discovered.

2 Scientists are still baffled as to why humans have different blood types at all.

Blood groups
Blood groups. Media credit: Yuri2010 / Shutterstock.com

Karl Landsteiner, in the early 1900s, discovered the types of blood, and that certain kinds cannot mix. There are many theories on how we came to have these categories, but the question of why humans have different blood types at all still remains unanswered. (source)

3 There is a thundercloud in Australia that forms almost every afternoon from September to March each year. It has become the subject of numerous studies by meteorologists worldwide.

Hector cloud
Image source: Wikipedia

Hector the Convector, forms almost every afternoon on The Tiwi Islands in Northern Territory, Australia. Generally, from September to March each year, it reaches heights of approximately 20 kilometers. It is said to be caused by nearby sea breezes. (source)


4 A skeleton, 6-8 inches long, was discovered outside a Chilean ghost town.

six inch humanoid figure
Image source: forbes.com

Hard teeth, bulging head, and scaled skin made most think this was something extraterrestrial. Only after it was declared human, did the question arise for an explanation for its size, mutations, and origin. None of those answers were ever found.

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5 Nearly 90 different commercial airliners have gone missing in the last seven decades.

67 years of missing flights

Without a single piece of wreckage ever located, the mysteries of what happened to almost one-hundred different planes, continue to baffle people to this day. No one knows where they went, or what happened to the vanished planes. (source)

6 In 1973, two men arrived at a sheriff’s office claimed to be abducted by aliens with lobster-claw hands.

Charles Hickson, left, and Calvin Parker Jr.
Image credit: AP Photo/Mississippi Press, Gary Holland, File via washingtonpost.com

Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker were fishing when they said they were taken. They talked in distressed voices about the abduction, told the same story (even though they were in different rooms), and Hickson even passed a polygraph exam. (source)

7 In 1876 it mysteriously rained meat over a Kentucky area near Rankin in Bath County.

Kentucky Meat Shower
Image source

The Kentucky Meat Shower” meat was studied by the Newark Scientific Association and found to contain lung tissue from either a horse or infant (both structures of organs being quite similar), muscle tissue, and cartilage. (source)

8 “The Black Knight Satellite” whose origin and purpose were unknown, was spotted before any man-made satellites were launched.

Black Knight satellite
Image credit: NASA

In 1954, a retired air force major reported that the U.S Air Force spotted two satellites orbiting Earth. Some claim this black knight satellite maybe 13,000 years old and has been both sighted and photographed. (source)

9 In 1967, Australia lost a prime minister. It was one of the largest search operations in the country’s history, yet no remains, or personal belongings were ever found.

Prime Minister Harold Holt
Image source: www.theaustralian.com.au

Harold Holt was Prime Minister for 22 months before he disappeared while swimming at Cheviot Beach. A massive manhunt began by police, Royal Australian Navy divers, Royal Australian Air Force helicopters, Army personnel, and many local volunteers. (source)

10 In 2003 a Boeing 727 was stolen from an Angolan airport even though the suspected thieves were believed to have no abilities to fly an aircraft.

Boeing 727
Image credit: Mike Gabriel via smithsonianmag.com

The plane took off without any communication or clearance from the tower. With the lights off, and transponder disabled, it flew above the Atlantic Ocean never to be seen again. (source)


11 A gorilla responds to a question about death with: “Comfortable hole, bye”

Koko the gorilla and Robin Williams
Image source: www.huffingtonpost.com

There is a gorilla famous for knowing sign language, named Koko. When asked where gorillas go after death, the gorilla hastily responded by signing “Comfortable hole, bye.”(source)

12 The Kepler telescope has spotted roughly 1,200 possible worlds, including 68 that are earth-sized planets.

Image source: deviantart.net

1 out of every 37 to 1 out of every 70 sun-like stars may harbor alien earth. These findings alone can hint to billions of planets in our galaxy that could harbor life. (source)

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13 In 1518, a “dancing plague” struck Strasbourg, Alsace.

Dancing Plague 1518
Image credit: Wikimedia

Some suffered heart attacks, strokes, and many others died from sheer exhaustion. This was due to the fervent dancing in the streets that lasted over a period of about a month. Hundreds were affected, and it still remains unexplained. (source)

14 After enduring a brain injury in the shallow end of a swimming pool, a man awoke with the condition known as Acquired Musical Savant Syndrome.

Derek Amato
Image source: www.nydailynews.com

He may have lost 35% of his hearing, and some memory loss, but he gained the ability to become a great pianist. A few days after the incident he said he felt “inexplicably compelled” to sit at a keyboard. (source)

15 There is a 240 paged book called The Voynich Manuscript, it was said to be written in the early 15th century in a language completely unknown.

Voynich manuscript
Image source: Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University

The illustrations point to the possibility that the book is a medieval or early modern book of medicine. The Voynich manuscript has been studied by many professional cryptographers, yet no one has succeeded in deciphering the text. (source)

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16 The “Traub,” the rarest motorcycle in the world, was found behind a brick wall in Chicago in 1968, and still runs to this day.

1916 Traub Motorcycle
Image credit: Neale Bayly via

An examination from Dale Walksler, the current owner, reveals it can be dated back to 1916. The engine’s technology was well ahead of its time, and even some mechanisms on it had never been used on any other American motorcycle. (source)

17 A man spent 67 years of his life stereoblind, which is the inability to experience depth perception. Only after having to pay for 3D glasses to watch the movie Hugo, that his brain suddenly clicked.


About 5-10% of the population who have stereoblindness see the world as if it was a background image. He was able to experience three-dimensional vision long after the movie ended even though conventional wisdom stated that it is impossible. (source)

18 In 1975 odd and anxious behaviors of dogs and other animals led to the evacuation of a city that, hours later, experienced a 7.3 magnitude earthquake.

Haicheng quake of 1975
Image credit: USGS

In the Chinese city of Haicheng, these observations led to an order for 90,000 residents to evacuate the city. Only a few hours afterward, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake destroyed nearly 90% of the city. (source)


19 The world’s largest virus, named Pandora, was found off the coast of Australia, it also holds about 93% of unidentified genetics.

Pandora virus
Image source: www.virology.ws

This suggests an “extraterrestrial” origin, and they cannot say without absolute certainty that it does not pose a danger to humankind. (source)

20 The Devil’s Kettle is a massive hole that swallows half a river and no one has any idea where it goes.

Devil’s Kettle
Devil’s Kettle

Over the years, researchers and curious people alike have poured dye, ping pong balls, and even logs into the kettle. They would then search for any sign of their reappearance. So far none of the contents have ever been found. (source)

21 On Oak Island in Canada there is a giant hole in the ground said to house pirate treasures no one can reach.

Oak Island in Canada
Oak Island in Canada. Image credit: Richard McCully/Wiki

The discovery of a tree nearby with robe damage indicated tales of pirates lowering treasure into the hole below. With financial backing, a group of individuals began digging. After a few years, they gave up the attempt for treasure because the constant flooding became too hard to maneuver. The only thing salvaged was a large stone that translated to Forty feet below two million pounds are buried. (source)

22 “The Great Attractor,” as scientists call it, is a dark matter so dense it is pulling our galaxy, and many others, towards it!

The Great Attractor
The Great Attractor. Image credit: NASA

At a speed of 22 million kilometers (14 million miles) per hr, this huge volume of space is roughly 250 million light-years from our solar system. This means that the eventual fate of the universe is tied to the presence of dark matter and energy, and no one knows what it is! (source)

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Picture 22 Mysterious facts and incidents that still remain unexplained to this date!
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