10 Cool Gadgets You Would Love to Have

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6 Levi/Google’s smart jacket, Jacquard, allows users to control their phone with gestures.

In a world deluged by smart tech, our lives are in many ways driven by our devices. Being able to roam around without having to clutch our phones is a rarity these days. Levis and Google together have come up with this cutting-edge technology which lets you wear your tech, instead of carrying it around.

The Jacquard project revolves around transformative fabric which facilitates all functions of a smartphone. Jacquard is a special jacket made of conductive fibers with touch sensors which enable you to control your phones by simply touching the cuffs of the jacket. The cuffs are endowed with a tag which packs in all the features of your phone and lets to take or make calls, listen to music, navigate your way around, get alerted when there is a new notification, all through a simple touch on your jacket.

No additional baggage, no fear of losing your cool gadgets with this stylish, comfortable jacket that weaves in all the wonders of your smart device. (1, 2)

7 This sun-chasing robot looks after the plant on its head.

Sun chasing robot
Image credits: Vincross

Plants radically enhance the aesthetics of our homes and gardens, but tending to them can be quite a task. Vincross’s Hexa, an all-terrain, multifunctional robot, is uniquely programmed to cater to the watering and light requirements of any potted plants. Chinese roboticist, Sun Tianqi, the brains behind Hexa, was inspired by a dead sunflower at an exhibition and attempted to use technology to endow plants with a certain degree of freedom.

You simply need to place the plant on the head of this super-cool gadget. A six-legged agile robot, Hexa, will automatically crawl towards a more sunlit space in your home. It also has an amazing alert system to notify you to water your plants. If strategically positioned, Hexa can also be programmed to water your plants intermittently. Hexa is designed to respond to human touch and can walk, climb, fetch, play music, and even take photos. All it takes to bring Hexa to life is a steady WiFi connection. (1, 2)


8 Kitty Hawk’s Flyer is an all-electric, single-seat, personal, flying vehicle that literally gives you wings.

Kitty hawk's flyer
Image credits: Kitty Hawk

Many of us dream of flying and this seemingly impossible wish is all set to be a reality as Kitty Hawk’s launches its electric, personal, flying vehicle, the Flyer. It is a lithium battery-powered electric flying vehicle which has the ability to fly about 10 feet off the ground for short distances over water to give its passengers a feel of the ethereal experience of gliding over water through the air.

The best feature of this cool gadget is that is operated by software that collects data from multiple sensors and enables everyone to steer the vehicle themselves without any mandatory license or pilot training. A safety demonstration and close adherence to the instructions is all that is required to set off in the Flyer and have an unforgettable experience.  (1, 2)

9 Chemical bike lock that causes vomiting to deter thieves.

Image credits: SkunkLock

While biking is hailed as the most eco-friendly and healthy mode of transportation, there is a serious concern that affects every bike owner – the safety of the bikes while parking them. Most of the available bike locks are easily breakable, and thefts of bikes have become a common phenomenon all over the world.

With the new Skunklock, bike owners across the world can heave a sigh of relief. This fascinating U-shaped lock may look like any other regular bike lock on the outside, but it is designed in a way to emit obnoxious gas if someone tries to cut the lock. The chemicals producing the gas can also cause blurred eyesight, dizziness, and vomiting. Developed to deter thieves from stealing bikes, this cool gadget promises to be a much-needed antidote to the raging problem of bike thefts. (1, 2)


10 A sleep mask that emits light from the inside to wake you up naturally.

Dreamlight sleep mask
Image credits: Dreamlight

If being unable to sleep at night and then oversleeping your alarms in the morning has become a constant struggle for you, then Dreamlight’s sleep mask could be your much-needed savior. This contoured eye mask is lined with comfort padding to spread out all pressure points on your forehead evenly, and the 3-D facial mapping technology of the mask adjusts itself to your facial dimensions perfectly. It is embedded with advanced technology that induces sleep and helps you relax through ambient music, soothing lights, and the blocking of any extra intervening lights.

It is also the perfect stress-relieving gadget if you’re trying to meditate. The eye mask also has optical heart rate monitors and infrared sensors that can keep your bodily parameters in check. One of the most amazing features of this cool gadget is that its accompanying app can be set to create a visual alarm where the eye mask floods your eyes with white light when it’s time for you to wake up. So, now you can no longer be bothered by lights from outside and wake up to a bouquet of brightness whenever you want to. (1, 2)

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