15 Iconic Snacks You Will Never Be Able to Eat Again!

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Picture 15 Iconic Snacks You Will Never Be Able to Eat Again!

The food industry has undergone numerous changes over the years with many popular snacks being introduced. Many of these popular snacks became an overnight sensation, a rage among the kids and teens in the 1990s. Despite their popularity and huge customer base, many of these iconic snacks were discontinued due to decline in sales and dwindling revenue. Here is a list of the 15 most iconic snacks that were discontinued but many still wish they were currently available. Read on to experience a sense of nostalgia and relive your childhood memories.

1 Altoids Sours: These famous sour, crystalline candies were a major hit in 2004 and came in numerous varieties. However, they were sadly discontinued in 2010 due to low demand.

Altoids Sours
Image credits: jrsjr/reddit

This crystalline candy with an incredibly sour taste was a hit in the early-2000s. Altoid mints were initially marketed to relieve stomach discomfort, but its unique taste made them a top-selling mint brand in the United States. The breath mints came in small, reusable, aluminum tins. The Altoid Sours were introduced in 2004 in a variety of flavors – raspberry, citrus, tangerine, apple, mango, and sorbitol. In addition to these flavors, the company released a limited edition passion fruit sours in 2005 just before Valentine’s Day.

The mention of the name evokes a sense of nostalgia since it is impossible to taste them. The Altoid Sours range was discontinued in 2010 due to low demand in the market. Though the candy was discontinued, they could be purchased from expensive eBay sellers or from specialty candy stores until 2015. Disheartened fans who wanted the Sours back were advised to contact the company’s helpline. There was also an online petition to bring them back but sadly they never saw the light of the day. (1, 2)

2 3D Doritos: The 3D puff pockets launched in the 1990s were sadly discontinued in 2000. The company released a revamped version which failed to leave a mark.

3D Doritos
Image credit: breadandcircus/tumblr

3D Doritos were released in the 1990s and described as “Doritos-meets-Bugles.” When compared to the traditional Doritos that were triangular and flat, the 3D Doritos were bite-sized, triangular, puff pockets filled with air. They were released in a range of flavors such as Jalapeño Cheddar, Nacho Cheese, and Zesty Ranch. The 3D Doritos were discontinued in the early 2000s.


In 2015, the company released a revamped version of the discontinued line as “Doritos Jacked 3D,” but they never lived up to their ancestors’ pride. However, some fanatic fans discovered that Doritos 3Ds were being sold in Mexico with many eBay sellers selling them at exorbitant rates. (1, 2)

3 Planters PB Crisps: The peanut-shaped snacks with a crunchy exterior and a soft, creamy, peanut butter filling was discontinued in 1995.

Image credits: Jason Liebig via pbcrisps

In 1992, Planters launched a line of iconic, peanut-shaped snacks known as “P.B.Crisps.” They were peanut-flavored crisps comprised of a corn-based shell on the outside with a soft creamy peanut butter filling. They were launched in three amazing flavors – PB Crisps, Chocolate Crisps, and PB&J Crisps. The gods must be against us since these tasty treats were discounted without a reason. Though it was discontinued in 1995, a rumor has it that a customer reported purchasing it in 1998.

A campaign has been launched online to bring back those delicious treats by PB Crisps, an online portal. However, the fans can call the company’s helpline or register their wish in social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. In 2011, a couple of lucky guys discovered old packets of the iconic snacks and made everyone go green with envy. (1, 2)

4 Butterfinger BB’s: Bite-sized wonders, this rage among the kids were discontinued without an apparent reason. In 2009, the company released a revamped version, but fans were not impressed with the taste.

Butterfinger BBs
Image credits: Butterfinger BBs/Facebook

Every kid in the 1990s can remember keeping track of the amazing treats which were famously advertised by The Simpsons. The Butterfinger BB’s were candy bars crafted by Nestlé and launched in 1992. The candy bars were marble-sized with an orange-colored wafer and a peanut butter filling. They were discontinued unceremoniously in 2006, and the company received a severe backlash.


In 2009, after facing the customers’ wrath, the company re-released the range of Butterfinger Bites in a revamped version called “Mini Bites.” However, the fans were not impressed with the taste of the revamped BBs. Disheartened fans launched an online campaign, but the company has failed to respond. (1, 2)

5 Dunk-a-Roos: There cookies dunked in icing launched by Betty Crocker were a rage among kids in the 1990s. Sadly, they were discontinued in the U.S but are still available in Canada and Australia.

Image credits: asuzerojs/imgur

How can anyone forget the icing-cream-laced cookies that were considered a famous lunch accompaniment for kids? Launched by Betty Crocker in 1990, Dunk-a-Roos was a snack that was comprised of cookies and icing. The cookies had to be dunked in the icing cream before being devoured. The cookies came in various shapes and flavors making them a hit among all.

These amazing snacks were discontinued in the United States as General Mills stopped its production in 2012. However, the snacks are still available in Canada and Australia. They can also be purchased from online sites such as Amazon and eBay. The popularity of the snacks was such that the company, General Mills, launched a campaign called “Smugglaroos” encouraging Canadians and Australians to smuggle the snacks into America. (1, 2, 3)

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Picture 15 Iconic Snacks You Will Never Be Able to Eat Again!
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