15 Iconic Snacks You Will Never Be Able to Eat Again!

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6 Jell-O Pudding Pops: These chocolate and vanilla ice pops were a hit in the 1980s and were completely pulled off the shelves in 2011. The pudding-pop kits can be still purchased online.

Jello pudding pops
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Jell-O Pudding Pops were a famous treat in the United States in the 1980s. These tasty and frosty ice pops were famously marketed as “Jell-O” and launched by Bill Cosby. These tasty treats were launched in 1970 and came in chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate-vanilla swirl varieties. During their peak, the company recorded a whopping sales of $300,000,000 each year. The pudding pops were discontinued in the 1990s due to decreased demand and less profit.

The company re-launched them in under the name of “Popsicles” and were stocked at the grocery stores. However, the newly launched version differed in taste and texture which resulted in them being pulled off the shelves completely in 2011. Fans of the product need not worry as the product is still available as “Jell-O Pudding Pop Kit” and can be purchased from Amazon. (source)

7 Hershey’s Swoops: These chocolate crisps resembling Pringles were launched in 2003. They were discontinued in 2006 owing to poor publicity.

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The innovative Swoops were launched by Hershey’s in 2003. Swoops were curved-shaped chocolate slices resembling Pringles and came in classic milk chocolate, white chocolate, almond, toffee, and peppermint flavors.

However, the product was discontinued in August 2006 due to poor publicity. It was reported that customers thought they were chocolate-dipped chips, and many were turned off by this fact. According to a market research study, it was discovered that only 14% of the customers knew about these sweet treats. (source)


8 Pepsi Blue: This famous blue cola was a result of a taste test comprised of 100 flavors and was launched in 2002. Though discontinued in the US, it is still available in the Philippines.

Pepsi Blue
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Can anyone forget this tinted beverage that resembled a bottle of glass cleaner and heavily promoted by Britney Spears? This blue cola was launched by PepsiCo before the launch of a vanilla-flavored soft drink by its rival Coke. Pepsi Blue was a blue-colored, berry-flavored cola that was launched in 2002. It was the result of a taste-tasting experiment that was held over a period of nine months and chosen from among the hundred flavors.

The launch of the cola timed with 2002 New York Mets games to support the ball club and 2003 Cricket World Cup making it famous among youngsters. It was discontinued in the United States in 2004 after it was declared as a “commercial flop.” However, it is still available in Manila, the Philippines as “Pepsi Pinas” and is a hit among the natives. (1, 2)

9 Keebler Magic Middles: These fudgy, chocolate-filled cookies launched in the 1980s were discontinued due to the launch of another product line.

These awesome and magical shortbread cookies filled with fudgy chocolate and peanut butter was the perfect accompaniment for a warm glass of milk. These amazing treats were launched in the 1980s and were a rage among kids in the 1990s. However, the sales of the shortbread cookies declined gradually and met a quiet end since the equipment that manufactured them was required for making another product.


Ardent fans of the cookies created a dedicated Facebook page for their beloved snacks and managed to garner support from 2,500 users. A few lucky ones were able to buy the cookies from Walmart, but the retail giant has discontinued the product from its site. (1, 2)

10 Squeeze-It: These iconic, juice-filled squeeze bottles were a favorite among kids in 1985 but discontinued in 2001. They are still available in U.K and can be purchased online.

Image credits: Squeeze-Its/facebook

These plastic bottles filled with fruit-flavored juices were a rage among kids in the 1990s. General Mills launched these squeeze, themed bottles in 1985 in four amazing flavors – red punch, orange, cherry, and grape. From 1992 onwards, they were launched featuring the faces of whacky characters representing various flavors.

The company also launched a limited edition “mystery” flavor marketed inside black bottles and one had to guess the flavor. Sadly, these drink bottles were discontinued in 2001 owing to a decline in sales. But there is good news for fans. They are still available in the United Kingdom known as “Twist N Squeeze” and marketed under the name “Squeeze-It.” They can also be purchased online from Amazon(1, 2)

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