A Massive Apartment Complex in Russia, With 35 Entrances, Is Home to Over 18,000 People

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Picture A Massive Apartment Complex in Russia, With 35 Entrances, Is Home to Over 18,000 People

We have all seen apartments that accommodate a few hundred people. But can you imagine a Russian apartment building that houses not just hundreds but over 18,000 people? That’s Novy Okkervil for you in Kudrovo, on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. With over 3,700 flats, stepping inside this unusual building feels like you are entering a small town! How convenient is life for the residents in this enormous apartment complex? What amenities can you find inside?  Let us take a look. 

The Russian Apartment Complex, Home to over 18,000 People, Offers Multiple Amenities for its Residents

Novy Okkervil, the Russian apartment complex with over 3700 flats
Novy Okkervil, the Russian apartment complex with over 3700 flats. Image Credit: Mikaelawill13/Shutterstock.com

Novy Okkervil, built in 2015,  is a massive apartment building with thousands of flats and residents. It offers so many amenities that it feels like a small town in itself. From parks to eateries, Novy Okkervil has everything you could possibly need or want.


The residential complex has a kindergarten inside the building and a school in close proximity, providing convenient education for children. Some parts of the building have been rented out to various businesses, so residents get to enjoy many facilities. Want a good grooming session? You can make use of one of the many beauty salons. Want to treat yourself to a good meal? You can enjoy food from McDonald’s or KFC. For your quick medical needs, you can also find a pharmacy store. All the basic amenities are well within walking distance.

Massive Apartment Complex in Russia
Massive Apartment Complex in Russia. Image Credit: Mikaelawill13/Shutterstock.com

People must take the metro to get to nearby big cities like St. Petersburg. The metro station is a half-hour walk away, and getting from the metro to the city center, where most residents go to work, takes another half-hour. So, in total, the journey takes about an hour.


A Two-Bedroom House in this Russian Apartment Complex Would Cost Around $80,000

Inside look of this massive apartment, Russia
The apartment building has 25 floors with 35 entrances. Image Credit: NFKRZ /YouTube.com

According to one of the residents, a renovated one-bedroom flat costs 19,000 rubles (about $253) per month. Alternatively, for 6,000 rubles (about $80), you could opt for a shared, one-bedroom flat with heated floors. These apartments are furnished with new furniture and other types of equipment.

Novy Okkervil - A massive apartment complex in Russia
A panoramic view of Novy Okkervil in Kudrovo. Image Credit: Mikaelawill13/Shutterstock.com

However, if you are planning to buy a new two-bedroom apartment, it will cost you 7.5 million rubles (about $80,000). The resident also mentioned that, unfortunately, affordable apartments in this building have become a rare find. Considering this Russian apartment building already houses over 18000 people, it comes as no surprise that there is hardly any vacancies.


Despite Housing Thousands of People, Novy Okkervil’s Infrastructure Has Room for Improvement

The parking lots of Russian apartment buildings accommodate 18,000 people
Cars have jammed the narrow streets around the building. Image Credit: NFKRZ /YouTube.com

This huge Russian apartment complex that houses over 18,000 people has about 25 stories and a whopping 35 entrances! The primary focus is on family apartments, with most of them being two-bedroom units. Each floor typically has four to six flats, and each section has four lightning-fast elevators.


A YouTuber named Roman went to explore the building in order to get a firsthand look at the situation. He noted that, despite the fact that the Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing, and Utilities proclaimed this place as the finest small town in Russia, the infrastructure doesn’t quite measure up to the promise.

Car Parking Facility at Novy Okkervil
Car parking facility at Novy Okkervil. Image Credit: Mikaelawill13/Shutterstock.com

In his video, Roman draws attention to the fact that not every floor in the apartment block receives sunlight. Sunlight appears to be limited to the floors above the 13th floor, which is concerning. Furthermore, given the large number of residents, parking within the complex is far from adequate. You find cars parked throughout the neighborhood, leaving little space on the roads.

A very small playground at Novy Okkervil apartment, Russia
A very small playground at Novy Okkervil apartment, Russia. Image Credit: Mikaelawill13/Shutterstock.com

The space becomes so tight that even the small playgrounds inside the building are surrounded by cars, making it quite challenging for residents. Despite these hassles, the apartment complex hardly has any vacant flats left!

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Picture A Massive Apartment Complex in Russia, With 35 Entrances, Is Home to Over 18,000 People
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