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20 Facts about Michael Jackson That You Probably Don’t Know

11. Michael Jackson wanted to play the lead role in Tim Burton’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and even recorded an entire soundtrack free of charge for the film. However, when the director refused, Jackson declared “If I can’t have the Willy Wonka part, they’re not getting the soundtrack”.

MJ and Willy Wonka
Image Source: photobucket, pixhder

According to music producer Marc Schaffel, Jackson recorded a full soundtrack for the movie secretly in a small recording studio in Los Angeles. He sent it to Warner Bros. executives who absolutely loved it, but didn’t love the idea of the pop icon acting in a children movie. Jackson didn’t take the news very well, and so he just shelved the soundtrack. (source)

12. Michael Jackson was such an avid fan of comics that he once wanted to play Spider-Man and almost bought Marvel just to make that happen. 

Stan Lee, Michael and Spider-Man
Image Source: comicsalliance

According to Stan Lee, Marvel’s chairman and the creator of many of Marvel’s superhero characters, Michael Jackson wanted to buy the comics company because that was the only way he felt he would be able to play Spider-Man. Though Lee agrees that he would probably have made a very good Spider-Man, he felt Tobey Maguire was wonderful. He also said that, Marvel would have been quite different from what it is now, but not as successful because Michael wasn’t a very good businessman. (source)


13. There are hundreds of unreleased songs of Michael Jackson that were discovered in his vault after his death.

Michael Jackson Unreleased Songs
Image Source: kanyetothe

Many of the songs Michael recorded were registered with professional agencies or offices by his company, Mijac Music. After his death, his sister La Toya Jackson found two hard disks with more than 1,000 songs that were never released before and not even registered by any agencies. It has been said that he recorded as many as 50, 000 songs during his lifetime. (source)

14. After Michael Jackson’s death, Google was so over-flooded with search requests about him that they thought it was a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Services), and blocked further searches for almost 25 minutes before realizing what happened. 

MJ Google Searches
Image Source: wired

When the sudden spike in searches was noticed, Google at first interpreted it as an attack on its services. It subsequently displayed the error message “We’re sorry, but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now.” The spike began sometime in the afternoon. Yahoo had a lead story about the death that day and set a record of unique visitors of over 16.4 million. (source)


15. According to autopsy reports, Michael Jackson was bald and wore wigs to conceal it. 

Michael Jackson's Death
Image Source: bigpicture, wazobiareport

By the time of his death, Michael Jackson’s health was severely deteriorated. His body was emaciated to mere 112 pounds and his stomach was completely empty except for partially dissolved pills. His body was full of several needle marks and scars. His head was virtually bald, and he started wearing wigs when he found out that his hair had been reduced to “peachy fuzz”. His body was just skin and bones, and by the time of his death he was eating almost nothing except for the pills. (source)


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